The “Indecent Proposal” fireball has hurtled to just shy of $ 90 million B.O. overseas and now has a good shot at overtaking its domestic tally — which topped $ 100 million last week — within the next 10 days.

Adrian Lyne’s meller is one of the few titles giving succor to European exhibs as biz in some markets entered the summer trough.

Elsewhere, “Aladdin” set an all-time opening weekend record in South Africa with a three-day take of $ 294,500 on 62 screens. In Mexico the animated click scored $ 820,000 in three days on 101 — more than double “Beauty and the Beast’s” debut.

Cliffhanger” is going like gangbusters in Taiwan and particularly South Korea, where it hauled in $ 1.3 million through nine days on 12 screens after a tiny 6% drop in the second weekend.

“Falling Down” climbed to $ 30.6 million overseas — no blockbuster but a steady earner, especially in Scandinavia, Germany and the U.K. In Europe alone, Warner Bros. can probably expect to garner $ 20 million in rentals.

WB stablemate “Sommersby” hasn’t caught fire in Japan, grossing $ 676,430 in the second weekend, a tad more than the first weekend despite widening from 64 to 121 prints. Cume: $ 2.17 million.

British cinemas virtually marked time awaiting the June 25 arrival of “Cliffhanger,” and exhibs said trading was “fragile” as the top 10 tallied $ 4.8 million.

The rookies mostly were nondescript: “Boxing Helena” and “Matinee” were OK in London but dreadful in the provinces.

‘Savage Nights’ fared well

The French hit “Savage Nights” did quite well in arthouses and probably would have been stronger if the opening weekend hadn’t coincided with a big gay and lesbian rally in the capital.

Let us draw a discreet veil over “Born Yesterday,””South Central” and “Fire in the Sky.”

In Italy, exhibs glumly said the summer stupor has begun. Some 60%-70% of the nation’s cinemas are closing despite concerted efforts to extend the playing season this year. Only “The Piano” in its sixth week provided some relief to the end-of-season blues.

Theaters that stay open will have to rely on reissues and on what one exhib scorns as “the dregs” left over on distribs’ shelves. Small wonder many exhibs throw in the towel, when a 1,000-seat cinema in Turin on June 20 attracted a mere 80 customers.

German exhibs said trading was relatively good, despite an 18% slide in receipts to $ 6.5 million. “Bambi” rolled out impressively in parts of the country where school vacation has started, while neither the Donald Sutherland-Amy Irving drama “Benefit of the Doubt” nor “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” shone.

It was a so-so session in France as admissions in Paris dipped by 21% to about 500,000, partly due to a June 21 music festival which distracted folks from hardtops.

After corpsing in Italy where it slipped out in May unnoticed between “Indecent Proposal” and “Falling Down,””Red Alert West” partially redeemed itself: It was strongest in Paris, where audiences are more receptive to film noir. The Nicolas Cage-Dennis Hopper thriller, a Columbia release in the U.S., has July dates in some other Euro markets.

Other freshers “Fanfan,” romance toplining Sophie Marceau and Vincent Perez, and “L’Enfant Lion,” African tale of a boy and a lion, were middling.

BVI/Gaumont will have cause to break out the champagne this week if, as seems likely, “Les Visiteurs” reaches 2 million tickets mark in Paris; last week, in its 21st lap, it was just 60,000 short.

Spanish cinemas had a lousy time as school examinations preoccupied many of their potential customers. “Made in America” began moderately but exhibs said it picked up toward the end of last week, boosted by a Thursday holiday in Barcelona, and took $ 667,000 at 81 theaters. WB wanted to get the comedy out before “Indecent Proposal” arrived this week and believes it will hold through the summer.

In the second-round contest in Australia between “Sliver” and “Made in America,” the latter took the honors, dropping 23% vs. the former’s 40% plunge. “Hot Shots 2” earned slot in the top 10 on previews, portending a decent preem.