Magic-comedy duo Penn & Teller have signed with the William Morris Agency in all areas of representation, including personal appearances, books, lecturing and motion picture and television.

WMA L.A.-based agent Jeff Field and N.Y.C.’s Johnny Planco signed the team, who had been with ICM.

“They are interested in working in many different areas, and everyone here at the agency was real hungry to be in business with them,” said Field, noting the New York-based duo had met with every WMA department in N.Y.

As well as continuing their personal appearances, the agents said Penn Jillete and Teller are interested in pursuing opportunities in movies and TV.

To date, the pair’s big screen acting credit is the 1989 comedy “Penn & Teller Get Killed,” which Arthur Penn directed.

“We’ll be talking in the talent meetings about casting situations and perhaps even them developing a film,” said Field, noting that in addition to writing books the partners may also try screenwriting.

Together since 1975, Penn & Teller’s theater show has been a long-running hit off- and on Broadway. They have also written two books.

The duo’s PBS special “Penn & Teller Go Public” won two Emmys. They also did a short movie for Showtime and starred in their own prime time NBC special.

Planco said in addition to having interest in TV, the pair have been trying to get their own series off the ground, which the agency hopes it can help set up in the near future. He said the long-existing premise is about two guys who run a shabby magic store.

Planco also said that, given Penn is a computer expert, the agency will be exploring for the guys areas of advanced technology, including interactive video.