Few new exclusives braved opening against the summer blockbusters, but at least in Manhattan the weekend brought nearly across-the-board improvement to solo runs.

Still the leader, “Orlando” earned $ 58,587 in its fifth try at two Gotham theaters, while picking up $ 20,782 solo in Los Angeles.

October Films’ “Un Coeur en Hiver” improved to $ 19,159 in its sixth week at two Manhattan screens, plus $ 7,772 via an L.A. exclusive.

The late Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1970 film “Beware of a Holy Whore” was reissued by Leisure Time Features for a fine $ 8,139 opening weekend at a solo screen in Greenwich Village.

Myriad Pictures’ French import “Barjo, Confessions of a Crap Artist” attracted Philip K. Dick fans to a single Greenwich Village site for a $ 5,874 opening weekend.

Rim Film Distributors opened a Hong Kong import, Yuen Kwai’s “Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk,” for $ 5,786 in its first weekend in L.A.

Audience resistance set in for SPC’s “The Long Day Closes,” as the Terence Davies pic fell more than 50% to a tiny $ 1,295 in its second weekend at two L.A. sites.

Playing on a multiple run in the New York metro area, Miramax’s Mexican import “Like Water for Chocolate” posted an extraordinary $ 45,691 in its 21st weekend in Manhattan at three houses, including a 66% climb to $ 15,716 in its 13th weekend at Eastside Playhouse.

Los Angeles

“Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk” (Rim Film Distributors) bowed with an OK $ 5,786 first weekend at Laemmle Monica.

“Orlando” (Sony Pictures Classics) dipped 23% to $ 20,782 in third weekend at Laemmle Royal.

“Un Coeur en Hiver” (October Films) off 19% to $ 7,772 in fourth weekend at Laemmle Music Hall.

“Chain of Desire” (Mad Dog Pictures) fell 29% to $ 6,450 in second weekend at Landmark Nuart.

“Equinox” (IRS Releasing) lost 13% to $ 5,280 in fourth weekend at Laemmle Sunset 5.

“Wide Sargasso Sea” (Fine Line) down 7% to $ 2,385 in fourth weekend at Cineplex Beverly Center; up 2% to $ 2,068 in third weekend at Mann Westwood Fourplex.

“The Story of Qiu Ju” (Sony Pictures Classics) improved 15% to $ 2,585 in third weekend at Laemmle Monica; off 34% to $ 1,354 in second weekend at Laemmle Sunset 5.

“House of Cards” (Miramax) plummeted 50% to $ 695 in third weekend at Landmark Goldwyn Pavilion; minus 9% to $ 1,153 in same at Cineplex Fairfax.

“The Long Day Closes” (Sony Pictures Classics) plunged 62% to $ 749 in second weekend at Laemmle Sunset 5; minus 57% to $ 546 in same at Landmark NuWilshire.

New York

“Beware of a Holy Whore” (Leisure Time Features) (reissue) bowed with a promising $ 8,139 first weekend at Angelika.

“Barjo, Confessions of a Crap Artist” (Myriad Pictures) debuted with a fair $ 5,874 first weekend at Film Forum.

“Orlando” down 7% to $ 31,677 in fifth weekend at Angelika; minus 9% to $ 26, 910 in same at Lincoln Plaza.

“Un Coeur en Hiver” up again (12%) to $ 12,100 in sixth weekend at Lincoln Plaza; added 29% to $ 7,059 in fifth weekend at Village East.

“Jacquot” (Sony Pictures Classics) down 2% to $ 6,056 in third weekend at Lincoln Plaza.

“American Heart” (Triton) bounced back again (by 37%) to $ 5,518 in ninth weekend at Village East.

“For a Lost Soldier” (Strand) minus 4% to $ 4,585 in 10th weekend at Quad.

“Chain of Desire” plus 26% to $ 4,096 in third weekend at Village East; up 4% to $ 2,178 in same at 57th St. Playhouse.

“The Music of Chance” (IRS Releasing) plunged 32% to $ 4,012 in sixth weekend at Paris Fine Arts.

“The Story of Qiu Ju” up again (by 18%) to $ 3,155 in third weekend at Angelika 57; plus 25% to $ 5,804 in fifth weekend at Village East.

“Hard Boiled” (Rim Film Distributors) down 20% to $ 5,362 in fourth weekend at Cinema Village.

“The Lover” (MGM/UA) up 24% to $ 3,957 in fourth weekend at Village East.

“Romper Stomper” (Academy) dead-even at $ 3,813 in fifth weekend at Film Forum.

“Visions of Light” (Kino Intl.) plus 6% to $ 3,466 in seventh weekend at Quad.

“Brother’s Keeper” (Creative Thinking) plus 10% to $ 3,180 in fourth weekend at Quad.

“Indochine” (Sony Pictures Classics) improved second week in a row (by 15%) to $ 2,741 in fifth weekend at Worldwide.

“House of Cards” (Miramax) up second time in a row (by 3%) to $ 2,398 in third weekend at Plaza.