Beach weather definitely put a dent in attendance for exclusive entries on both coasts.

Sony Pictures Classics launched “Jacquot,” Agnes Varda’s film about her late husband, Jacques Demy, for a pleasant $ 7,353 solo in Manhattan. Distrib stood in a dominant position for exclusive fare, with five pictures out including the powerhouse “Orlando.”

“Orlando” opened in L.A., nearly replicating its East Coast success with a torrid $ 30,738 first weekend at a single site.

Miramax’s delayed opening of the Kathleen Turner starrer “House of Cards” collapsed with a minuscule $ 4,126 at two Los Angeles bijoux plus $ 4,156 at two Manhattan houses.

Mad Dog Pictures’ “Chain of Desire” didn’t impress critics and bowed with a minor $ 7,082 at two Gotham locations.

Claude Sautet’s “Un Coeur en Hiver” enjoyed a good $ 10,396 second solo weekend in L.A. plus $ 16,477 at two Manhattan screens.

Los Angeles

“Orlando” (Sony Pictures Classics) bowed a boffo $ 30,738 in first weekend at Laemmle Royal.

“House of Cards” (Miramax) debuted with a light $ 2,959 in first weekend at Landmark Goldwyn Pavilion; $ 1,167 in same at Cineplex Fairfax.

“Un Coeur en Hiver” (October Films) dipped 29% to $ 10,396 in second weekend at Laemmle Music Hall.

“Equinox” (IRS Releasing) plummeted 40% to $ 6,529 in second weekend at Laemmle Sunset 5.

“Romper Stomper” (Academy) off 18% to $ 4,971 in second weekend at Landmark Nuart.

“Wide Sargasso Sea” (Fine Line) plunged 52% to $ 2,778 in second weekend at Laemmle Monica; dropped 32% to $ 2,962 in same at Cineplex Beverly Center; moved to Mann Westwood Fourplex for OK $ 2,224 first weekend.

“The Story of Qiu Ju” (Sony Pictures Classics) moved over to Laemmle Monica for mild $ 3,149 first weekend after seven weeks at Laemmle Royal.

New York

“Jacquot” (Sony Pictures Classics) had nice start with $ 7,353 in first weekend at Lincoln Plaza.

“A Question of Color” (California Newsreel) documented a good $ 5,591 in first weekend at Film Forum.

“Chain of Desire” (Mad Dog Pictures) inaugurated new label of October Films with so-so $ 3,957 in first weekend at Village East; $ 3,125 in same at 57th St. Playhouse.

“House of Cards” debuted with a weak $ 2,287 in first weekend at Plaza; $ 1, 869 in same at Quad.

“Orlando” stood tough with 18% drop to $ 37,488 in third weekend at Angelika; dipped 25% to $ 31,341 in same at Lincoln Plaza.

“Un Coeur en Hiver” down 21% to $ 10,796 in fourth weekend at Lincoln Plaza; minus 28% to $ 5,681 in third weekend at Village East.

“Hard Boiled” (Rim Film Distributors) minus 25% to $ 7,546 in second weekend at Cinema Village.

“The Music of Chance” (IRS Releasing) lost 14% to $ 6,746 in fourth weekend at Paris Fine Arts.

“Romper Stomper” off 37% to $ 4,400 in third weekend at Film Forum.

“The Story of Qiu Ju” moved over to Angelika 57 for quiet $ 1,433 in half-day run; dipped 30% to $ 3,754 in third weekend at Village East.

“American Heart” (Triton) lost 22% to $ 3,387 in seventh weekend at Village East.

“For a Lost Soldier” (Strand) slipped 24% to $ 3,350 in eighth weekend at Quad.

“Brother’s Keeper” (Creative Thinking) steady with $ 3,224 (down 6%) in second weekend at Quad.

“Visions of Light” (Kino) minus 27% to $ 2,661 in fifth weekend at Quad.

“Wide Sargasso Sea” minus 28% to $ 1,640 in third weekend at Sutton; off 20% to $ 805 in fifth weekend at Worldwide; down 29% to $ 2,357 in eighth weekend at Village East.

“The Lover” (MGM/UA) en route to video stores moved into 23rd St. West for a poor $ 220 in first weekend of night-time only run; improved 17% to $ 3,151 in second weekend at Village East.

“Indochine” (Sony Pictures Classics) down 21% to $ 1,946 in third weekend at Worldwide.

“The Long Day Closes” (Sony Pictures Classics) moved over to Angelika 57 for a tiny $ 564 in half-day run after four weeks at Film Forum.