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Miramax maximizes exclu sked with ‘Crying,’ ‘Fish’

In the week of the Golden Globe Awards and several off-season debuts, quality exclusive-run films held up strongly at the box office in regional release.

Miramax Films had several of the top attractions, notably Neil Jordan’s “The Crying Game,” with $ 172,738 in five days at three Manhattan venues.

Also from Miramax, “Passion Fish” did well on both coasts with $ 29,308 in its sixth full week solo in Manhattan, improving to $ 14,102 for the weekend at two L.A. screens.

Golden Globe winner “Indochine” brought Sony Pictures Classics a solid $ 27, 374 in four days (fifth week) at one Manhattan theater while cruising to $ 17, 527 in fifth weekend solo in L.A.

Newcomer from Man Ray Associates “Guncrazy” began with a nice $ 9,211 in five days at one Los Angeles house. Also fresh, Romanian import “The Oak” from MK2 Prods. USA) opened with a pleasant $ 7,223 in first weekend at a small Manhattan theater.

Golden Globes helped Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven,” which improved 11% to $ 12,379 in its second solo weekend in Greenwich Village en route to the Oscar nominations.

Los Angeles

“Guncrazy” (Man Ray Associates) proved Drew Barrymore has life after TV with a fine $ 9,211 first five days at Landmark Nuart.

“Indochine” (Sony Pictures Classics) won a Globe and slid only 13% to $ 17, 527 in fifth weekend at Laemmle Royal after $ 29,236 in its fourth frame.

“Bad Lieutenant” (Aries) opened well with $ 8,508 first weekend at Laemmle Sunset 5 and $ 6,670 in first five days at Laemmle Monica.

“Peter’s Friends” (Samuel Goldwyn Co.) dipped only 7% to $ 4,363 in fifth weekend at Cineplex Broadway after $ 6,517 in fourth; plummeted 43% to $ 5,235 in same period at Landmark Goldwyn Pavilion after $ 12,696 in fourth week; down 33% to $ 5,294 in same period at Cineplex Beverly Center after $ 11,092 in fourth.

“Tous les Matins du Monde” (October Films) dropped 32% to $ 7,592 in fifth six-day period at Landmark Goldwyn Pavilion after $ 13,131 in fourth full week; fell 23% to $ 5,115 in same at Laemmle Sunset 5 after $ 7,522 in fourth.

“Passion Fish” (Miramax) improved 7% to $ 8,118 in sixth five-day period at Laemmle Sunset 5 after $ 9,843 in full fifth; up once more 12% to $ 7,580 in third weekend at Landmark NuWilshire after $ 10,191 in second.

“The Player” (Fine Line) (reissue) increased a whopping 22% to $ 5,209 in fifth weekend at Laemmle Monica after $ 6,034 in full fourth.

“Howards End” (Sony Pictures Classics) and Globe winner Emma Thompson dipped only 11% to $ 3,109 in fifth weekend at Landmark Goldwyn Pavilion after $ 6,213 in fourth outing; off 22% to $ 5,162 in 12th weekend at Laemmle Sunset 5 after $ 9,941 in 11th week.

“Deadly Currents” (Normandie Releasing) did an OK $ 2,877 in first weekend at Cineplex Fairfax.

“Enchanted April” (Miramax) took a nice $ 3,131 in opening weekend at Cineplex Beverly Center; down 23% to $ 4,902 in 12th weekend at Landmark NuWilshire after $ 9,568 in 11th week.

“Bob Roberts” (Paramount) (reissue) was steady with $ 3,006 (off 12%) in second weekend at Cineplex Beverly Center after opening with $ 4,918.

“The Last of the Mohicans” (Fox) (reissue) slipped 35% to $ 2,607 in second weekend at UA Coronet after $ 6,497 in first frame.

“Flirting” (Goldwyn) held well with $ 1,927 (15% decline) in second weekend at Landmark Goldwyn Pavilion after $ 3,804 in first week.

“Glengarry Glen Ross” (New Line) (reissue) dropped 34% to $ 1,524 in its second Oscar-season weekend at UA Coronet after $ 3,743 in first week; and bowed with only $ 1,011 in first weekend at Laemmle Monica.

“Motorama” (Two Moon) dived 52% to $ 2,253 in second five days at Laemmle Sunset 5 after debuting with $ 5,565, and took mere $ 805 in first weekend at Laemmle Monica.

New York

“The Crying Game” (Miramax) improved one more time to $ 63,082 (up 2%) in fifth five-day period at Sutton (two screens) after $ 82,122 in fourth; up 1% to $ 57,581 in ninth five days at Angelika (two screens) after $ 78,761 in eighth week; down 9% (with switch from three to two screens on site) to $ 52,075 in sixth five days at Lincoln Plaza after $ 77,935 in fifth week.

“Passion Fish” wrapped sixth full week with big $ 29,308 at 68th St. Playhouse, up 14% over $ 25,659 in fifth.

“Indochine” down 6% to $ 27,374 in fifth four-day period at Lincoln Plaza (two screens) after $ 42,111 in fourth week.

“The Oak” (MK2 Prods. USA) imported from Romania to $ 7,223 in first weekend at Lincoln Plaza 90-seater.

“Tous les Matins du Monde” down 10% to $ 12,319 in 11th weekend at Lincoln Plaza after $ 20,978 in 10th week; off 1% to $ 8,566 in fifth weekend at Quad after $ 12,619 in fourth.

“Unforgiven” (WB) (reissue) improved 11% to $ 12,379 in second Oscar-baiting weekend at Village East after $ 18,639 in first.

“Bad Lieutenant” was exactly even with $ 6,329 in fifth five days at Embassy 2, 3 & 4 after $ 8,174 in fourth week; off 2% to $ 13,941 in 10th weekend at Angelika after $ 22,697 in ninth week.

“Howards End” improved 5% to $ 9,582 in 13th weekend at Village East after $ 13,626 in 12th 70mm widescreen week; off just 4% to $ 8,751 in 13th weekend at Cinema 3 after $ 14,072 in 12th frame.

“The Lover” (MGM) dipped 15% to $ 16,067 in 13th exclusive weekend at Paris Fine Arts after $ 28,268 in 12th week.

“Peter’s Friends” off 14% to $ 15,800 in fifth weekend at Angelika after $ 25 ,936 in fourth week; down 21% to $ 13,922 in same period at Carnegie Hall Cinema (two screens) after $ 25,843 in fourth.

“Enchanted April” up 2% to $ 9,615 in 26th weekend at Angelika after $ 15,549 in 25th week; off only 2% to $ 7,066 in fifth weekend at Worldwide after $ 11, 384 in fourth week.

“Bob Roberts” zoomed up 32% to $ 7,335 in second Oscar-luring weekend at Village Sevenplex after $ 8,093 in full first.

“The Player” improved a massive 69% to $ 7,025 in fifth weekend at Value Art East after $ 5,991 in full fourth.

“Flirting” rose 1% to $ 6,764 in ninth five-day period at Gramercy after $ 8, 144 in eighth week.

“Reservoir Dogs” (Miramax) improved 7% to $ 6,497 in fourth weekend at Quad after $ 10,042 in third week; down just 6% to $ 4,825 in ninth five-day period at Plaza after $ 6,285 in eighth week.

“The Match Factory Girl” (Kino) was dead even with $ 6,131 in fifth weekend at Quad after $ 9,322 in fourth session.

“Glengarry Glen Ross” minus 11% to $ 3,250 in seventh weekend at Worldwide after $ 5,156 in sixth week.

“A Captive in the Land” (Gloria Prods.) improved 12% to $ 1,872 in second weekend at Angelika after $ 2,666 debut session.

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