Domestic film box office in March rose 5% from last year, as “Falling Down” led the national gross to $ 226.1 million vs. $ 214.6 million in 1992.

For the winter B.O. season as a whole (January through March), the B.O. tally rose 10% to $ 902.8 million from $ 818.6 million. (The all-time record winter season gross of $ 1.05 billion came in 1991.)

“Aladdin” was by far the biggest winter pic, tailed by “A Few Good Men” and “Groundhog Day.”

According to the exclusive Daily Variety B.O. reporting survey, the March figures were $ 226.1 million, 44.7 million tickets and an average ticket price of $ 5.05. Comparable 1992 numbers were $ 214.6 million, 42.8 million and $ 5.01 .

Data cover the three-week period March 5-25. In these monthly recaps, March (and the winter season) terminates early so that the April period encompasses nearly all variations of Easter/Passover/spring break holiday dates.

The seasonally adjusted Variety Box Office Index for March rose to 94.3 from 89.7 a year back. The index base of 100.0 was set in base year 1990, hence the March index was 94.6% of the average month’s B.O. in the base year.

Other leading March films included “Groundhog Day,””Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III,””The Crying Game,””Fire in the Sky,””CB4” and “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.”

Over the entire winter season, other key pix included “Scent of a Woman, “”Sommersby,””The Crying Game,””Homeward Bound,””Alive” and “Falling Down.”

Cumulative three-month ticket sales tally is projected at 178.3 million, up from 164.2 million a year ago. The record winter season ticket count came in 1978 at 240.6 million; the highest in the last decade occurred in 1991, with 221 .1 million tix sold.