As one of the youngest exex moving up the creative ladder at Warner Bros. Pictures, 28-year-old Tom Lassally was named senior VP of production Thursday, where he will continue to answer to worldwide production prexy Bruce Berman.

One high-profile WB project Lassally said he will concentrate on in his new capacity is “Batman 3,” the latest sequel to one of the studio’s highest-grossing franchises.

Lassally’s statement is the first official news that the new Caped Crusader pic is a go, though it seemed around the corner whenWarner Bros. announced its animated Batman feature (Daily Variety, May 11). Studio sources made a point of saying the cel pic would not steal any thunder from a possible live sequel.

“You could say they exist in parallel universes,” WB explained at the time. “We don’t see a conflict there.”

The two previous Michael Keaton batpix raked in about $ 800 million in worldwide theatrical sales.

Berman confirmed that the “Batman” sequel will get made, and that it will be out in theaters by summer 1995.

Lassally has advanced quickly at WB, where he assumed the production veep slot in 1990.

He shepherded Ivan Reitman’s political comedy “Dave” through production, and also supervised work on the Michael J. Fox rural romp “Doc Hollywood.”

In addition, he steered “This Boy’s Life” and was involved in the making of “Singles.”

Lately, Lassally has worked with Joel and Ethan Cohen on “The Hudsucker Proxy ,” with Randa Haines on “Wrestling Ernest Hemingway,” and on the soon-to-be-released John Hughes pic “Dennis the Menace.”

Still working with Berman

Lassally also will continue to work with Berman on future pictures for the Hughes account, deemed by Berman as one of the most important for WB.

“In a short period of time, Tom has risen rapidly through the ranks at Warner Bros. by combining excellent instinct with an energetic approach to filmmaking,” said Berman.

Prior to his tenure at Warner Bros., Lassally was vice president of the Warner Communications arm WCI Projects Inc.

He also co-created and co-exec produced the Fox Network comedy series “Totally Hidden Videos” as VP of creative affairs for Quantum Media.

Upon leaving NYU film school, Lassally entered the film industry working in development for helmer Joel Schumacher.