Labatt hoists banner for prod’n firm

Canadian-based John Labatt Entertainment is backing a new production company, Industrial Arts, based in Los Angeles and New York.

Among the founders of the company are director Mary Lambert (“Pet Sematary, “”Siesta”), exec producer Thom Tyson and commercial directors Rod Davis and Henry Holtzman.

Jeffrey Kinart, formerly of Propaganda Films, will serve as exec producer and a directors’ representative in musicvideo and interactive media.

Labatt Entertainment is a division of the Canadian brewery conglomerate.

Industrial Arts will concentrate on features, TV, commercials and interactive media.

“We want to work with the artists, directors and designers who are doing the first interactive pieces,” Lambert noted. “They are creating the blueprint for all interactive work.”

Lambert will work in musicvideo, features and interactive.

The company will operate under the umbrella of Partners/USA Group. Their video staff includes directors Hiroyuki Nakano and Julia Heyward.

Linda Carpenter will develop interactive media projects with the company under a partnership agreement.

Carpenter is the former manager of business development for Paramount Pictures Television Group and a member of the American Film Institute/Apple Computer Center advisory board for multimedia.