Alliance Communications has tapped Ted Kotcheff to direct “Final Decree,” a$ C15 million ($ 12 million) feature that’s targeted to begin lensing here in October.

Alliance also is finalizing an arrangement to bring in a partner from Hungary , where parts of the film will be shot.

“Final Decree,” which follows the story of a man who goes through a messy divorce, is scripted by George Jonas from his novel of the same name.

The production will be only the second co-production to utilize the Canada/Hungary co-production treaty since the two countries signed the pact in 1987. The first was last year’s telepic “Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris,” a Canada/U.K./Hungary production by Toronto’s Accent Entertainment.

But a Hungarian delegation, which made Toronto its first stop in a three-city Canadian tour, aims to increase the level of production activity between the two countries.

More co-productions

A contingent that included Janos Sediansky, director of Hungarian Television, and Zsolt Kezdi-Kovacs, general manager of Film Union Hungary, is exploring co-production possibilities with Canada.

Tamas Katona, Hungary’s political secretary of state, noted that Hungary has made gains in establishing Canadian partnerships over the last three years.

“We think this is the modest beginning of a cooperation between two countries that is almost unknown in eastern Europe,” Katona said during a luncheon hosted by Alliance.

And Alliance topper Robert Lantos pointed out that the company’s recent acquisition of Istvan Szabo’s “Sweet Emma, Dear Bobe,” coupled with Budapest Film’s acquisition of Canadian-made features “Black Robe” and “Leolo,” signal the opening of a “strategic gateway to Eastern Europe.”

No imperatives

“We offer first-quality films and television programs without Hollywood’s cultural imperatives stamped all over,” Lantos said.

He also noted that Canadian audiences have demonstrated an interest in Hungarian productions. “Sweet Emma” has grossed $ 22,800 in one Toronto theater since opening two weeks ago.