‘Hero’ crew finds the rub and the food

How’s this for a perquisite? The intensity of Columbia Pictures’ compressed post-production schedule for “Last Action Hero” has sparked the studio to hire a masseuse for overworked producers, editors and technicians, unit publicist Steven Newman confirmed Thursday.

Her name is Kelli Fisher, and she’s been hired onto the production to give therapeutic rubdowns to anyone involved in cobbling together Colpix’s massive June 18 release.

Special tension

There’s good reason to try and cut the tension: crews are working up to 18 hours a day, at least six days a week, to deliver more than 100 special effects shots on the movie.

As previously reported, Colpix knew all along that post-production for the movie would be on a pell-mell pace. In fact, studio chairman Mark Canton has called the 10-week post-production schedule for “Last Action Hero” one of the most ambitious in Hollywood history.

But the studio did not necessarily figure on “Last Action Hero” becoming one of the most rumor-plagued movies in recent memory, including reports Thursday that star Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered that Fisher be hired as the movie’s official muscle-rubber and that food be catered from his Venice-based Shotzie Restaurant. Both were dismissed by unit publicist Newman.

“Schwarzenegger has been stopping by frequently,” Newman said, “but the masseuse and food didn’t come from Arnold.”