German Film Prizes have blahs

The lackluster German Film Prize ceremony held here Thursday reflected the state of health of the industry as a whole: The 11-member jury couldn’t come up with a winner for the Golden Film Band this year.

Three pix were awarded the silver version, including Detlev Buck’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” which was the hands-down favorite for the top honor.

The film also picked up awards for acting, music and screenplay, making it the evening’s clear winner.

Other second-prize winners were Sonke Wortmann’s “Acting It Out” and Gordian Maugg’s B&W debut pic “The Olympic Summer.” Each prize comes with a cash award up to DM700,000 ($ 437,000).

Of the 10 feature and docu pix nominated for prizes, few had been shown theatrically. The films vying for top honors were scarcely known, even within the industry itself.

Gernot Roll got an obvious nod as cameraman of the year, picking up a cinematography award for his work on three of the 10 nominees.

Prizes went to:

Actress: Barbara Auer (“Meine Tochter Gehort Mir”); Renate Krossner (“Nordkurve”)

Actor: Heinz Hoenig (“Krucke”); Horst Krause, Joachim Krol (“No More Mr. Nice Guy”)

Script: Ernst Kahl, Detlev Buck (“No More Mr. Nice Guy”)

Music: Detlef Petersen (“No More Mr. Nice Guy”)

Set Design: Heike Bauersfeld (“Krucke”)

Camera: Gernot Roll (“Acting It Out,””Krucke,””Meine Tochter Gehort Mir”)

Editing and directing: Adolf Winkelmann (“Nordkurve”)

Lifetime achievement awards: Erwin Geshonneck (actor); Enno Patalas (critic, historian, curator, restorer); Liselotte Wilhelm (exhibitor)