The 20-year-old Festival International du Film Fantastique in the town of Avoriaz, in the French Alps, is about to undergo a radical facelift that has left fest organizers Promo 2000 seeing red.

Fest president Gerard Bremond, whose company developed the Avoriaz ski resort that hosts the event, has confirmed that the 1994 edition of the festival will not be devoted to ‘fantastique’ films.

In recent years, the horror pix selected for the fest competition have been mediocre, and Bremond noted that the genre is split between mega-budget event movies such as “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” which “are not available to us,” and low-grade pix destined to go straight to video.

While details are still not clear, it appears that the next Avoriaz festival will concentrate more on unveiling new directing talent than on a specific genre.

The changes have angered Promo 2000 topper Lionel Chouchan, who created the fest concept back in 1972. When contacted by Daily Variety, Chouchan said, “I have a team of staffers who have worked on the festival for 20 years. What am I meant to tell them?”

While the lack of quality product is generally agreed to be a reason for the decision, some observers believe that Bremond may also be looking to increase the amount of public backing the fest receives.