The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has named chairmen of 36 standing committees to serve for the 1993-94 fiscal year; each will select a vice chairman and committee members. They are:

Actors branch exec committee, Jack Lemmon; art directors branch exec committee, Jerry Wunderlich; awards policy committee on rules, Donn Cambern; awards public relations coordinating committee, Marvin Jay Levy; awards review committee, Donn Cambern; center for motion picture study oversight committee, Saul Bass.

Also, cinematographers branch exec committee, Haskell Wexler; costume design award rules committee, Albert Wolsky; directors branch exec committee, Norman Jewison; documentary awards exec committee, Freida Lee Mock; endowment campaign committee, Robert Rehme; executives branch exec committee, Ashley Boone.

And, film editors branch exec committee, Cambern; finance committee, Arthur Hamilton; foreign-language film award committee, Fay Kanin; general membership committee, Alan Bergman; Governors Ball committee, Alan Bergman; grants committee, Janet MacLachlan.

Plus, investment committee, Marvin E. Mirisch; London screening committee, Charles Schneer; long-range planning committee, Fay Kanin; makeup award rules committee, Leonard Engelman; membership screening committee, David Chasman; music branch exec committee, Arthur Hamilton; New York screening committee, Arthur Manson; Nicholl endowment committee, Julian Blaustein.

And, producers branch exec committee, Richard D. Zanuck; public relations branch exec committee, Cheryl Boone Isaacs; scientific and technical awards committee, Ed DeGiulio; short films branch exec committee, June Foray; sound branch exec committee, Donald C. Rogers.

Also, sound effects editing award rules committee, Don Hall; student Academy Awards committee, June Foray; theater standards committee, John Bonner; visual effects awards rules committee, Jonathan Erland; writers branch exec committee, Fay Kanin.