‘Cliffhanger’ clinging to B.O. lead

TriStar’s “Cliffhanger” held on to the box office pinnacle for the second weekend with more than $ 11 million in the till. However, Sylvester Stallone didn’t have to flex many pecs to fend off the competition. The combined take of two new entries from Disney would still be a distinct second to the mountain climbing heroics.

Hollywood Pictures’ thriller “Guilty as Sin” fared slightly better than expected with about a $ 5.5 million gross. Conversely, Touchstone’s “Life With Mikey” comedy underwhelmed estimates with $ 3.6 million collected in its opening frame.

“Cliffhanger” continued to scale the heights with an estimated $ 11.2 million for the weekend. The nail-biter held well in its second weekend at 2,337, slipping just 31% from its Memorial Day weekend debut (comparisons are three-day to three-day). Averaging $ 4,790, it has a cume of $ 36.2 million after 10 days of release.

Also showing its legs was Warner Bros.’ second-weekend, second-place biz on “Made in America” with approximately $ 7.3 million. The Whoopi Goldberg-Ted Danson comedy was reproducing nicely with averages of $ 3,560 from 2,048 close encounters. Down 22% from its opening frame, it’s collected $ 21.4 million to date.

Hollywood Pictures’ preem of “Guilty as Sin” ranked third with $ 5.5 million. The Don Johnson-Rebecca De Mornay thriller performed stronger than expected, posting averages of $ 4,860 from 1,132 playdates. Sister label Hollywood Pictures’ “Life With Mikey” appeared to have lost the ground “Guilty” picked up with a $ 3.6 million seventh-place standing.

The thriller had been tracking better than the cute yarn starring Michael J. Fox as the agent of a hard-to-handle budding child star. However, the gap between the two pictures was expected to be less obvious. “Mikey,” in 1,366 situations, came away with a very mild average of $ 2,630.

Following the holiday weekend, business slumped as expected, particularly in light of the absence of strong new product and a general absence of kids in theaters. However, while far from suggesting the prospect of a record-breaking summer, revenues were a respectable 12% lower than the comparable weekend of 1992. The curve should go haywire next weekend with Universal’s launch of “Jurassic Park,” especially if current product can withstand the monster invasion.

Warner Bros’ “Dave” continued to look presidential in fourth spot with $ 4.8 million. The political satire fell 19% in the polls to earn averages of $ 2,500. Emerging from 1,916 precincts brings its cume to $ 45.9 million.

Fox’s “Hot Shots! Part Deux” was doing fifth-place handiwork with projections of $ 4.2 million. The posturing spoof was in combat at 2,064 arenas for averages of $ 2,030. Off 36% for the weekend, it has climbed to a $ 26.9 million gross.

Hollywood Pictures’ second weekend of “Super Mario Bros.” placed sixth with $ 4 million. The video arcade refugees had a downward spiral of 39% for averages of $ 1,920 from 2,081 venues. In 10 days of release it’s amassed $ 13.7 million.

Last weekend’s other wide release, National Film Corp.’s animated “Happily Ever After,” was far from storybook with about $ 750,000. That should rank it 14 th with averages of $ 820 from 912 sites and a cume of $ 2.8 million.

New Line’s “Menace II Society” is proving itself surprisingly potent with $ 3 .2 million and eighth ranking. The toughest “hood” picture yet is starting to crossover, rising 10% its second weekend. In just 513 playdates, it’s averaging $ 6,160 to bring its cume to $ 8.1 million.

A sliver behind in ninth, also with $ 3.2 million, is Paramount’s erotic thriller “Sliver.” Down 45% for the frame, it averaged $ 1,530 from 2,093 chambers. To date it’s generated $ 28.2 million.

Paramount’s marketplace long-distance runner, “Indecent Proposal,” closed the top 10 with estimates of $ 1.8 million. Averaging $ 1,160 from 1,557 boudoirs translated into a 32% slide for the weekend. Still inching toward $ 100 million, its cume is at $ 95.3 million.