William S. Milligan has sued director James Cameron and producer Sandra A.M. Arcara, claiming they delayed a proposed film based on his life. The suit seeks at least $ 9 million.

Milligan, the subject of a book called “The Minds of Billy Milligan,” claims in a complaint filed in L.A. Superior Court that Arcara and Cameron breached a 1989 contract to make a film based on his life story as soon as feasible.

The film, tentatively titled “The Crowded Room,” was to be about Milligan’s abuse by his father and subsequent development of multiple personalities.

The agreement called for the film to be financed and distributed by 20th Century Fox Film Corp., the suit said.

The producer and director, however, allegedly have interfered with negotiations with Fox, demanded a producer fee of $ 1.5 million, up from $ 250, 000 originally, and have shopped the project to other studios.

During the delay, the suit said, Cameron directed “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

The agreement, said the suit, called for Milligan to move to L.A. from Columbus, Ohio, help with the screenplay and act as a consultant.