Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer’s first go-movie at Hollywood Pictures, “Bad Boys,” to star Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz, has been delayed, possibly for as long as a year.

There are conflicting reports about why the film is not going as planned on Feb. 16 in Miami under the direction of 28-year-old commercials director Michael Bay.

Sources indicate that the postponement was primarily due to the script not being ready and other extenuating circumstances, including problems with locations.

Carvey–who insiders said is particularly upset about the endless script problems–and Lovitz are pay-or-play on the picture. Disney’s deal with the actors was that the movie would either start in February or, at the latest, January 1994.

Carvey has a standing commitment on the “Wayne’s World” sequel at Paramount, which is to start in late May/June, and Lovitz is pegged to star in Rob Reiner’s “North” for Castle Rock Prods., also to begin lensing in early summer.

Carvey also is attached to star in Columbia’s “Hans and Franz” with Kevin Nealon, based on their “Saturday Night Live” sketch, about two weightlifters who go to Hollywood to meet their idol Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is no script yet on the project.

Sources at Disney said there is a slim possibility that if the problems on “Bad Boys” could be resolved by the time the actors wrap their respective pictures in late summer/early fall, the Simpson-Bruckheimer production could go forward before next January.

Disney officials would like the movie to go in August/September. Originally, the studio was hoping to have the film ready for release this fall.

Larry Ferguson is still rewriting George Gallo’s original script. The film is an action comedy about two cops, one a rich kid bachelor (Carvey), the other a South Miami family man (Lovitz), who through a series of incidents have to change places.

“There were just a myriad of problems with the picture,” said one source close to the production, who declined to give details.

The source indicated that Simpson and Bruckheimer recently told Disney of their reluctance to rush to make the Feb. 15 start date with all the unresolved issues.

“Bad Boys” would have been the first production the former Paramount-based duo would have made at Disney since signing their five-year deal with the studio two years ago (Daily Variety, Jan. 18 1991).

The partners have several other movie projects in development, including “Witness to the Truth” (which Robert Towne is adapting) and “Zone of Silence,” but none is imminently bound for production. Simpson was out of town and unreachable yesterday. Bruckheimer and Hollywood Pictures prexy Ricardo Mestres declined to comment, as did representatives of Carvey and Lovitz.