Brad Bird, executive consultant of “The Simpsons,” will make his feature directorial debut on New Line Cinema’s action-comedy “Brothers in Crime,” the studio confirmed Tuesday.

According to sources, the project, which was picked up in turnaround from 20 th Century Fox six weeks ago, is on “a very fast development track” and could go into production by September.

Moderate budget

“Brothers,” which was written by Seth Flicker and will be produced by Gary Foster (“Sleepless in Seattle”), will be budgeted in the $ 6 million to $ 8 million range.

Described as being in the vein of such films as “Risky Business” and “Adventures in Babysitting,””Brothers” is the story of a 15-year-old boy who convinces his 8-year-old brother, whom he can’t stand, that he’s really adopted.

Once the youngster is back with what he thinks are his “real” parents, the older brother has to kidnap him and get him back to his real home before their parents return from their vacation.

Reached Tuesday, New Line production VP Phil Goldfine said the studio had been trying to attach a director to the project since picking it up from Fox and Bird was a top contender.

Goldfine said he and New Line executive VP/chief exec Mike De Luca “have been looking for the opportunity to work with Brad Bird for some time. … Certainly Brad offers a very fresh and inventive background.”

Animation expert

Bird comes to his first feature directing assignment with an extensive background in the animation world.

In 1987, he collaborated with Tim Burton on “The Family Dog,” an episode of the “Amazing Stories” series, which he wrote, directed and co-produced.

He also has been involved with “The Simpsons” since the launch of the series in 1990.

In addition, Bird was one of the writers of the feature film “Batteries Not Included.”