Strictly Ballroom” composer David Hirschfelder is setting up an office in L.A. next month.

With Hirschfelder winning a British Academy Award for his work on “Ballroom” (as well as the Aussie equivalent), on which he was musical director and original composer, he says he needs to keep in touch with the potential clients in L.A. and London who have come forward over the past few months.

Although noting he’d doesn’t want to cut his ties to Australia, Hirschfelder says, “It’s time to branch out, and not just be purely parochial.”

And although he stresses his plans are at a “fetal stage” at the moment, he adds he’d be open to the “distinct possibility” of living in L.A. fulltime. For the moment he’ll commute between the U.S. and Oz, where five films alone have recently been offered.

A priority will be to finalize U.S. representation, and complete his current project, an Oz docu about AIDS called “Suzi’s Story.” A U.S./U.K. orchestral tour of “Ballroom’s” music and original compositions has also been proposed in October and November.