Los Angeles Superior Court has delivered a temporary restraining order to alleged “professional gate crasher” Stephanie Miller, who claims she was invited to the premieres of “Cliffhanger” and “Last Action Hero.”

On July 1, Columbia/TriStar filed a complaint alleging that Miller was sneaking into their premieres (Daily Variety, July 2) and asked the court to officially uninvite her.

Miller said she is an unemployed private nurse and that friends provided her with their invitations to premieres.

“They wouldn’t let me into the movie (“Cliffhanger”) because they didn’t think my ticket was my ticket,” says Miller. She said the ticket was a “second-hand invite from a friend who’s a journalist.” Miller would not identify the journalist, but conceded that “non-transferable” was written on the invite.

Miller claimed the problem stems from the fact that she phoned TriStar chairman Mike Medavoy to report that a security guard had made an ethnic slur to her at “Cliffhanger.” She reached the publicity department.

“They’re suing me for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages,” said Miller, who claims it all began when Ralph Pipes, from Special Event Management Inc. (a security company that handles events for most of the majors) made a slanderous remark to her.

Asked about Miller’s claim, Pipes said: “That is totally 100% false. That’s a blatant lie. I would never use terminology of that nature to anyone. It’s totally false.”