Writer John Fasano has been signed to script Cinergi’s “Die Hard 3.” The sequel to the highly profitable action pix will again star Bruce Willis.

The story will focus on the Willis character’s pursuit of kidnappers who have abducted his teenage daughter, believing her to be the child of a wealthy and powerful industrialist.

Discussions have taken place with John McTiernan, who directed the first installment, to helm. However, a source at Cinergi stressed that a formal offer was not yet on the table.

Depending on several key elements, the pic could go before the cameras as early as September for a projected summer 1994 release.

Neither producer Joel Silver nor Lawrence Gordon will be involved with the third chapter, which will be released by Fox domestically and in Japan, with Disney holding rights for the rest of the world.

Reports are circulating that Willis’ base salary is a record-breaking $ 20 million. Cinergi topper Andrew Vajna was unavailable for comment.

Fasano, who has directed several low-budget features and co-wrote “Another 48 HRS.,” additionally has signed to write and direct “Battletech,” based on the popular board game and virtual reality parlor experience.

Charles Fink and Tim Disney, whose Shamrock Holdings own Virtual World Entertainment Inc., are co-venturing the project with New Line.

Envisioned as a franchise title, “Battletech” will likely go before the cameras in early 1994 with a budget of $ 20 million. The futuristic yarn is set on an Earth colony in another galaxy divided by civil war.

A third Fasano project, “The Point,” will involve him as a co-producer in addition to doing the screenplay chores. The film, being developed by HKM Prods. , is a murder mystery set at West Point circa 1820. It is based on factual material.