“Indecent Proposal” continued to scorch a path across Europe, Japan and Australia last week, while “Falling Down” had a medium-hot start in Italy.

Buoyed by its Palme D’Or (Golden Palm) triumph in Cannes, Jane Campion’s “The Piano” notched classy preems in Italy and France.

“Aladdin” had a magical debut in Singapore, while “Mad Dog and Glory” was fair to good in Spain, Sweden, South Africa and several smaller markets.

“Scent of a Woman” is nearing the end of its foreign run with $ 54.3 million in the till. “Alive,” still alive in many places, has glided to $ 20.2 million. “Groundhog Day” is spotty, with $ 14.4 million from 19 territories so far: a winner in Germany, the U.K. and Australia, a miss in Italy and Argentina.

“Indecent Proposal” has rapidly amassed $ 34 million from 14 markets. Last week Adrian Lyne’s film stormed into Japan (bagging $ 2.45 million in six days on 121 screens) and Germany.

Flashing strong legs, it was off 9% in France, 18% in Brazil and 21% in the U.K., all in the second lap, and down 20% in the fourth in Australia.

Retitled in Italy as “A Day of Ordinary Madness,””Falling Down” garnered $ 938,600 in the first week on 156 screens. Results were better in the big cities than in the provinces. While the critics were mixed, none was really disparaging , and Joel Schumacher’s pic generated a lot of media comment, with one daily devoting a half page to analyzing the behavior of Michael Douglas’ character.

The U.S. majors’ decision to release a handful of top-drawer films in Italy this month, bowing to exhibs’ pleas to lengthen the season, boosted takings in the week ending May 23 by 40% more than last year.

In France, distrib Bac immediately widened “The Piano” from 84 to 203 prints at the start of the second week in response to clamoring exhibs.

In Germany, exhibs rated the “Indecent Proposal” opener as terrific, in view of the fabulous weather. Largely due to Lyne’s film, B.O. takings swelled by 21% to $ 7.3 million. However, French click “Les Visiteurs” didn’t tickle many Teutonic funny bones.

Apart from “Proposal,” British exhibs described overall biz as “a little flat ,” and freshers “Passenger 57” and “Nowhere to Run” didn’t enliven proceedings. The latter’s opening was atypical as the actioner has been a solid earner in most markets, scoring $ 28 million overseas to date.

Takings in Madrid sank again, the top 10 collecting a measly $ 357,300.

All cinemas in Barcelona were shuttered May 22-23 due to a strike that was quickly settled. “Mad Dog and Glory” managed $ 274,950 in the first week at 49 theaters.

“Aladdin” made $ 324,150 in the first four days on 17 screens in Singapore (including previews). Buena Vista Intl. reported that was 250% up on “Beauty and the Beast,” which went on to gross $ 1.25 million.

In the Philippines, “Aladdin” hauled in a formidable $ 1.25 million — equivalent to 1.7 million tickets.

In Japan, “Under Siege” had a thumping second weekend on 160 screens, bringing the total to $ 3.67 million. It was a ho-hum week in Australia, as receipts slid by 11% to $ 2.8 million and the sole rookie, “Singles,” averaged a tepid $ 3,572 on 43.