Paul Kagan Associates Inc. said Monday it has agreed to buy Baseline Inc., one of the biz’s largest on-line info services, for an undisclosed amount.

Carmel-based PKA manages more than $ 60 million in investor funds and publishes upwards of 40 newsletters and 35 reference books focusing on various aspects of the communications industry.

The firm would not specify terms but said it will buy out majority Baseline shareholder Sy Syms as part of the deal, which is expected to be completed later this week. Baseline officials were unavailable for comment.

PKA will initially program its box office and distribution data onto Baseline and later load its statistics, valuation and growth projection products for cable, homevideo and TV broadcasting, among others.

PKA chairman Paul Kagan, who also controls Personal Library Software, said the company plans to continue its expansion, but declined to elaborate. Personal Library Software is a major information retrieval system whose clients include America Online, the U.S. Congress and the Financial Times.