Warner Bros. chairman/CEO Robert A. Daly has approved Warner Home Video’s unprecedented move of “profit sharing” some of the sell-through revenues on “Predators of the Wild” with the World Wildlife Fund.

Six one-hour cassettes hit video retail outlets and direct response TV on Wednesday.

The individually sold titles include “Lions,””Leopards & Cheetahs,””Grizzly Bears” and “Killer Whales.”

“To my knowledge,” said a WHV spokesman, “this makes ‘Predators of the Wild’ the only wildlife series on video that actually benefits wildlife. This is the only one that helps the animals.”

The 30-year-old World Wildlife Fund will “make a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each cassette,” said the spokesman, who declined to reveal actual percentages.

The WFF’s two public service announcements also run like trailers at the beginning and end of each cassette.

Not surprisingly, the organization praises the studio’s move.

“It’s wonderful when a corporation the size of Warner Home Video makes a commitment to conservation with no strings attached,” said Jo Lynn Dorrance, general manager of the U.S. chapter. “Often we’re approached by corporate people who want to give money but want something back.

“This donation will go to save animals,” Dorrance said. “We are a conservation organization for both animals and habitats, and indigenous people around the world. I think the reason Warner chose the Wildlife Fund is because they wanted to be associated with an organization that has a long-term plan. We’ve been in the business for 30 years.”