A television station fired a reporter, suspended two managers and apologized Friday for making secret recordings of courtroom proceedings.

Thomas Crush, presiding judge of the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court, said he and the 13 other judges were satisfied with WKRC-TV’s action and considered the case closed.

The ABC affiliate on Friday also broadcast videotaped apologies by William G. Moll, president and general manager, and said it had voluntarily promised never to broadcast the tapes.

Crush said secret recordings made in county courtrooms and other facilities with hidden cameras in early May may have violated state and federal wiretapping laws, the civil rights of witnessesand jurors, and Ohio Supreme Court rules governing use of cameras in courtrooms.

The judges continued to Aug. 11 a suspension of recording and photographing privileges for WKRC and its owner, Great American Broadcasting Co.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters is investigating and could take action. Deters didn’t return phone calls Friday.

Anthony Nyktas, an assistant U.S. attorney, said the federal government decided to leave any prosecution to local authorities.