Rapper and actor Tupac Shakur was arrested and charged with shooting two off-duty police officers.

Shakur, 22, was arrested Sunday. A preliminary hearing, scheduled for Monday in Municipal Court, was postponed until Dec. 1.

The rapper was freed on bond earlier in the day.

Shakur starred in John Singleton’s “Poetic Justice.” As a rapper, he was criticized by former Vice President Dan Quayle for anti-police lyrics.

Two officers — Mark Whitwell and his brother Scott Whitwell — and their wives were allegedly almost struck by two moving cars and an argument ensued.

“One of the officers pointed a gun toward the group,” Atlanta police Capt. Herb Carson said, but it wasn’t clear if the men identified themselves as officers. A witness told police that Shakur fired at the officers.

The Whitwells were in satisfactory condition.