Labor Board to hear Fox, guards

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint against 20th Century Fox after investigating charges that the studio attempted to undermine the stability of a security guard union.

The complaint stems from contract negotiations that went sour last spring between the studio and American Federation of Guards Local No. 1, an independent union representing about 50 security guards at Fox.

During those negotiations, supervisors within the Fox security department allegedly made promises to union members in order to coerce them out of the union, according to Ron Wells, the local’s business agent.

The union, in response, filed a charge with the NLRB on April 1. Late last week, the federal board responded with a complaint and a hearing date set for Sept. 2. Like a court trial, the hearing will be used to determine if there is wrongdoing.

Fox officials, in response, said that the union’s complaint is “wholly without merit.”

Local No. 1 represents about 2,000 security guards, 400 of which work at various studios.

The union and Fox, meanwhile, have not been able to reach a contract agreement in the intervening months.