Spiderman may have company on Wall Street as Harvey Comics Entertainment Inc. , publisher of Casper the Friendly Ghost, said Thursday it planned a public stock offering.

A big winner will likely be MCA/Universal.

In December 1990, Harvey ComicsEntertainment sold 20% of its common shares to MCA for $ 3 million and has a merchandising and production agreement with the entertainment company, according to the SEC filing. MCA is a unit of Matsushita Electric Industial Co. Ltd.

In addition to Casper, Harvey’s stable of comic book characters includes Richie Rich, Baby Huey and Wendy, the Good Little Witch.

The firm also owns more than 200 animated cartoons featuring Harvey characters that it syndicates to TV and videocasette.

Harvey said it has licensed the Casper character to Universal Pictures, a division of MCA, which said it intends to explore making a full-length motion picture featuring the Friendly Ghost character.