A former costumer for “The Wonder Years” series has filed a sexual-harassment lawsuit against series stars Fred Savage and Jason Hervey.

The suit, filed yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that both actors repeatedly made unwelcome sexual remarks and advances toward Monique Long and that other female employees on the show also were harassed.

Long said the actors retaliated against her after she rebuffed them and that she was eventually wrongfully terminated. Another female employee — the only one to attend a meeting to discuss sexual harassment on the set last April — was not asked to return to the show last fall, the suit alleges.

Among other things, the suit said Savage continually attempted “unwelcomed touchings” such as holding Long’s hands and persistently asked her to have an affair with him. At one point, Long said she asked actor Dan Lauria, who plays Savage’s father on the show, to intervene, but he encouraged her to have the affair.

Hervey allegedly made rude and sexual remarks on a continuous basis and last August “viciously grabbed” Long by the arms from behind and pretended he was having sex with her, the suit said. Hervey allegedly said he’d give Long whatever she wanted if she would comply with him.

The actors’ actions created an “untenable working environment” leading to sleepless nights and emotional distress, the suit said.

The suit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Also named as defendants are “Wonder Years” exec producer Bob Brush, co-exec producer Michael Dinner and supervising producer Ken Topolsky, along with New World Entertainment Inc. and Junior High Prods. Inc.

Neither Brush nor Savage’s attorney, Jake Bloom, could be reached for comment.

“The Wonder Years,” produced by New World TV, is currently in its sixth season on ABC and is considered a border-line candidate for renewal next season.