The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday said that producer Michael S. Levey has agreed to settle claims of false advertising on infomercials, including one featuring Michael Reagan, son of former President Reagan.

Levey agreed to pay $ 275,000 to reimburse consumers for what the FTC charged were false claims in infomercials about purported cures for overweight, baldness and impotence, and concerning kitchen mixer the Magic Wand.

The weight-loss product, known as the EuroTrym Diet Patch, was touted on an infomercial called “The Michael Reagan Show.” Reagan was the host of the broadcast and endorsed the product as a successful method of losing weight, the FTC said.

Levey, who operates Positive Response Marketing in Topanga, agreed to settle charges that the advertisement falsely claimed that the diet patch reduced appetite and promoted weight loss.

The FTC had also complained that infomercials for Foliplexx and Y-Bron falsely claimed that the two products would cure baldness and impotence, respectively.

Levey produced the infomercials between 1987 and 1989 at Twin Star Prods., a company in which he owns stock, the FTC said.

The infomercials featuring Michael Reagan aired in 1990, said FTC spokesman Don Elder. The former president’s son was not named in the FTC complaint.

Elder said other cases alleging deceptive advertising on infomercials have included complaints against people in the ads.

The proposed settlement, in which Levey does not admit legal violations, was approved by the FTC on a 4-0 vote. The FTC will consider making the settlement final after a 60-day public comment period.