The B.O. smash “The Bodyguard” and mega-budget bomb “Christopher Columbus: The Discovery” led worst-movie nominees Monday for the (Un)Lucky 13th Annual Razzie Awards.

Nominees for the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation’s annual spoof of the Academy Awards were announced by foundation president John Wilson two days before Wednesday’s disclosure of Oscar contenders.

“It’s a lousy year for movies and a great year for us,” he said. “I don’t know that there are five best movies this year, but I think we have five really rotten choices this year.”

The Golden Raspberry Awards, determined by more than 350 people from 26 states and five nations, will be announced March 28, “as always, 24 hours before that other award show,” the foundation said.

“This year’s five worst picture contenders include the $ 100 million-grossing goofball romance ‘The Bodyguard’ and that $ 47 million cinematic sinking ship ‘Christopher Columbus: The Disco Version,’ ” said Wilson.

“Christopher Columbus: The Discovery” got six nominations, just behind the seven nods for “The Bodyguard,” including worst picture and worst supporting actor for two of its stars, Marlon Brando and Tom Selleck.

Other worst picture nominees were “Final Analysis,””Newsies”and “Shining Through.”

Other nominees:

Actor: Costner, Michael Douglas, (“Basic Instinct”), Jack Nicholson (“Hoffa”) , Sylvester Stallone (“Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!”), Selleck (“Folks”).

Actress: Houston, Kim Basinger (“Cool World”), Lorraine Bracco (“Medicine Man”), Melanie Griffith (“Shining Through” and “A Stranger Among Us”), Sean Young (“Love Crimes”).

Supporting actor: Brando, Selleck, Alan Alda (“Whispers in the Dark”), Danny DeVito (“Batman Returns”), Robert Duvall (“Newsies”).

Supporting actress: Ann-Margret (“Newsies”), Tracy Pollan (“A Stranger Among Us”), Jeanne Tripplehorn (“Basic Instinct”), Estelle Getty (“Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!”), Sean Young (“Once Upon a Crime”).

Director: DeVito (“Hoffa”), John Glen (“Christopher Columbus: The Discovery”) , Barry Levinson (“Toys”), Kenny Ortega (“Newsies”), David Seltzer (“Shining Through”).

Screenplay: “The Bodyguard,””Christopher Columbus: The Discovery,””Final Analysis,””Shining Through,””Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!”

New star: George Corraface (“Christopher Columbus: The Discovery”), Costner’s haircut (“The Bodyguard”), Houston (“The Bodyguard”), Pauly Shore (“Encino Man”) , Sharon Stone (“Basic Instinct”).

Original song: “Book of Days” (“Far and Away”), “High Times, Hard Times” (“Newsies”), “Queen of the Night” (“The Bodyguard”).

The awards are organized each year by Wilson, an L.A.-area writer for movie advertising trailers and TV commercials. Voters include film industry professionals, journalists, publicists, Wilson’s friends and “other people who have heard about the foundation,” Wilson said.