Hollywood talent agent Wallace Kaye was sentenced Wednesday to five years and four months in jail for sexual attacks on 11 actresses and models.

“It was really nice seeing them take Wallace Kaye away,” one of the victims, Charmaine Blakely, said as Kaye was jailed after sentencing.

Pasadena Superior Court Judge Jack Tso said Kaye showed no remorse and took advantage of the women’s trust. “It was a premeditated scheme,” he said of the assaults, which started in 1991. “It simply indicates to me planning and sophistication.”

Kaye faced a maximum sentence of eight years. He also must pay a $ 1,500 fine.

Kaye would engage the actresses, ranging in age from 20 to 35, in various improvisational scenes that were sexual in nature. The “auditions” were typically scheduled in the early morning or late evening behind locked doors at the Kaye Talent Agency’s Burbank offices.

At a certain point in the scenes, Kaye would force himself on the women, putting his tongue in their mouths, fondling and kissing their breasts, grabbing their buttocks — all while they were physically restrained.

None of the victims was well-known; all were instead aspiring performers.

On April 28, Kaye was convicted by a jury of six counts of felony sexual battery by restraint, three felony counts of false imprisonment by violence or menace and one misdemeanor count of false imprisonment. His talent agency is no longer operating.

Six of the victims were in court, and several — including an undercover policewoman — spoke at the sentencing hearing. Susan Hayn, a Glendale police officer, was attacked by Kaye while posing as an actress in the investigation.

“I’ve never had one case affect me the way this one has,” Hayn said. “I don’t think Wallace Kaye should be let on the street.” Her supervisor in the investigation said Hayn was personally shattered by the attack.

Gabriel said there were another dozen victims who did not press charges.

The actresses, meanwhile, painted vivid pictures of the consequences of the attacks, either on the stand or in a probation report.

Diane Figgins said the assaults led her to abandon acting altogether and was so traumatizing that her marriage was threatened. “It has changed my trust in human beings,” she said through tears. “I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to get that back.”

She urged Tso to “show some mercy to the victims of Wallace Kaye’s unscrupulous, vile behavior” and sentence him to eight years.

Kaye’s attorney, Pete Scalisi, said Kaye did not deserve the sentence. “He has a clean record and has been punished in terms of losing his job and his assets,” Scalisi said. “He’s been through an awful lot. There are victims on both sides.”