Members of Actors Equity, voting in a secret mail referendum, have elected 22 members to serve on the governing council.

Nine will represent the Eastern region, four will rep the Central region and nine will be from the Western region.

Those elected in the Eastern region, all for principal terms, were: Carl Harms (five-year term), Nick Wyman (four-year term), Glenda Chism (two-year term), Andre De Shields (one-year term) and Julia Breanetta Simpson (one-year term).

Paul Jackel was elected for a three-year chorus term; Austin Colyer was elected for a two-year chorus term; Frank Mastrone was elected for a one-year chorus term. Jeanne Fornadel was elected for a one-year stage manager term.

In the Central region, Thomas Joyce was elected for a five-year principal term; Cheryl Lynn Bruce and Ned Schmidtke for three-year principal terms; and Jeffery A. Alspaugh for a two-year stage manager term.

In the Western region, Pam Dougherty and Robin Gammell were elected for five-year principal terms; Carol Swarbrick for a three-year principal term; Anthony De Fonte, a two-year principal term; Mary Lou Westerfield, a two-year chorus term; John Galo and James T. McDermott, five-year stage manager terms; Meryl Lind Shaw and Jill Rendall, three-year stage manager terms.