Tartikoff continues charity work

GOOD MORNING: Lilly and Brandon Tartikoff will be spending a lot of time commuting to/from New Orleans, where daughter Calla (9) undergoes further (successful) therapy to fully rehabilitate her from the auto accident of New Year’s Day 1991. But these cross-country travels are not preventing Lilly from devoting her efforts to others–namely, the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program. She and Ron Perelman chair another event for the program, the Aug. 3 “Event at the Net,” at UCLA’s tennis center. It’s presented in association with the Permanent Charities Committee of the Entertainment Industry to launch the Volvo Tennis Tourney. Lilly tells me that statistics indicate one of every nine women in the UCLA crowd of 18,000 that night will be diagnosed with breast cancer. She reminds that 25%-35% of the 47,000 yearly deaths from breast cancer could be avoided by early detection. … Jerry Seinfeld and Monica Seles will host, Kenny G will entertain and John McEnroe is one of the tennis stars who will play that night. The UCLA tennis night is a “family event,” promises Tartikoff, noting that the top ducat is $50 for general admission. Perelman is donating $1 million to this event–and $3 million more for three more balls (not tennis), the next on Dec. 2. … Back from New Orleans is Tom Arnold, who co-starred in “Cloak and Dagger,” with Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid, for Herb Ross. It’s been a busy summer for Arnold, who admits the main project for him and Roseanne is to start a family. “We’re trying,” he smiles. Roseanne underwent surgery this spring to untie her tubes, and he confirms she just underwent surgery to correct a breathing problem–“She could only get 20% through her nose. And while there,” he smiled, “why not straighten it (her nose) a little bit?” The Arnolds earlier completed “Graced Land” in Ottumwa, Iowa, where their new home will be completed in the summer of ’94. Arnold also played Dustin Hoffman’s bartender pal in “Hero,” wound his “Naked Truth II” and “III” spex for HBO, which he wrote/directed. And next month, he starts “The Jackie Thomas Show” on the MTM lot, where “Roseanne” also tapes. Latter tapes Thursdays, “Jackie” Fridays–the Arnolds exec produce both. They’re developing six features for Par and Col, with the first to go next summer for Col. Plus an autobiographical telepic for HBO.

IT’S THE MOST expensive show I’ve ever done,” says Aaron Spelling of “2000 Malibu Road,” for CBS. How expensive? It’ll cost $ 1,200,000 per seg–because it had to be shot in Malibu. And he admits, “It’s a gamble.” … They’ll shoot six instead of the eight CBS wanted–because of time required. Joel Schumacher directs ’em all, and Terry Louise Fisher wrote ’em. It’s one of five Spelling shows, and tonight “Beverly Hills, 90210” starts its second summer season of six new shows–while repeats of earlier shows also air on Thursdays. The other Spelling series being “Melrose Place,””The Heights” and “Round Table” (NBC). When will Aaron again do a show for his alma mater, ABC? “Maybe Mr. Wolfe (Tom) was right when he said you can’t go home again.” … The youthful “90210” will have some adult themes this summer, including physical handicap, bigotry, the homeless. Charles Rosin exec produces for Spelling. … Add busy people: Alan Arkin, who plays a former baseball pitcher in TNT’s “Cooperstown,” also cameo’d in “So I Married an Axe Murderer” for TriStar, next stars in “Taking the Heat” for Showtime, and the indie “Algonquin.” Arkin’s youngest son, Anthony (24), screenplayed “The Creature of Tropo Cafe,” and HarperCollins publishes his “Kauai Babies.” And son Adam Arkin’s now in the Manhattan Theatre Club production of “Sight Unseen.””Cooperstown” is part of the Writers Cinema Series from Howard Brandman and Steven Spielberg, who launch the auspicious series with David Mamet’s “The Water Engine” Aug. 24.

THE AUGUST VANITY FAIR cover of Demi Moore, covered only by a coat of paint, was shot in one of the classy 1920s era private rooms of the Hollywood Athletic Club. The club is a phenomenon, the success story of the year. In the heart of depressed Hollywood, on Sunset Boulevard, it’s only a few blocks away from such landmarks as the Hollywood Brown Derby, which recently found itself haven to homeless. Yet the Hollywood A.C. is packed every night with happy young people at the 49 pool tables or dining (reasonable prices) in the refaced club, boasting private rooms upstairs for special parties–and the painting of Demi Moore! It’s the brainchild of David Gilmour, Tom Salter and J. Jay Boland, who also have the very special Wakaya Club in Fiji. … Frank Sophia, the moneyman behind chef Lance Katcher’s new Santa Monica restaurant, the Coral Reef, won’t be at tonight’s opening–he’s a N.Y. delegate to the Democonvention. TV sets will be placed around the eatery here so pals can watch Sophia make his speech. … Kathleen Hughes, who started her career in 1948 in “Road House” while under pact to 20th, was toasted at the St. James Club Monday p.m. with the screening of the 3-D “The Glass Webb,” co-starring Hughes, John Forsythe and Edward G. Robinson. … Items to be auctioned at the July 24 Museum of Flying “Write Now, L.A.! Restoring Our Libraries” (two burned in the May riots) bash include autographed scripts by Woody Allen (“Shadows and Fog”) and Waldo Salt’s “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” and–newspapers from he movie “Dick Tracy.”