Stone looking to shoot in ‘Nam

GOOD MORNING: Oliver Stone is moving heaven and earth to get his WB “Heaven and Earth” shot as plotted in Vietnam. From his vacation home in Telluride, Stone admits the U.S. government is not happy he (and fellow producers Arnon Milchan and Alex Ho) plan to spend more than $ 1million in the non-recognized Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnam wants script approval. “And this is a tough picture,” Stone reminds. He already has some “incredible footage” and also will shoot in Thailand. “It’s a Vietnamese picture,” however, Stone sez, and he’s auditioned thousands of non-pro Vietnamese to find 20 finalist players. The lead is 19-year-old Hiep Thile, a UC Davis student. Joan Chen plays his mother. Others in the cast include Haing Ngor, Tommy Lee Jones and Debbie Reynolds. Stone’s ecstatic about the “Wild Palms” telepix he’s exec producing and boasts these four directors: Peter Hewitt, Kathryn Bigelow, Keith Gordon and Phil Joanou … There’s continued violence on the westside of L.A.: Manager-producer Bob Wachs was held up at gunpoint in the garage of the Maple Plaza building housing several production companies (Castle Rock, Nelson, Rastar, etc.) and Maple Drive restaurant. Taken at gunpoint from Wachs was a Rolex, given him years ago by former client Eddie Murphy, with whom he made “Beverly Hills Cop” I & II, and his wallet. Wachs quickly phoned 911 from the garage office and gave full description to the BevHills cops who, within minutes, with the combination of motorcycle cop, ‘copter and backup cars, caught the suspects with the goods. “They (the BevHills cops) were unbelievable. I can’t commend them enough,” applauds Wachs, who plans a hefty contribution to their benevolent fund … And yesterday, the Security Pacific bank at 7080 Hollywood Blvd. was robbed, the thief leaving behind a package that was suspected to contain a bomb. The building , also housing showbiz clients including the Gavin Kern & Associates Agency, was evacuated, the boulevard barricaded until the bomb squad and FBI cleared the non-bomb.

THERE WAS MORE REAL-LIFE ACTION off camera than on the set of “S.I.S.” (Special Investigative Section), said Yaphet Kotto from the downtown L.A. location of the Kodiak movie co-starring Scott Glenn, Lou Diamond Phillips and Chelsea Field and directed by Mark Lester for producers Wolf Schmidt and Frank Sacks. “Real cops were chasing a suspect right on our street, a chopper was hovering above us–it was wild, like a nightmare. It’s unbelievable what’s happening all over the country,” said Kotto, who lives in the wilds of peaceful Colorado with his family Kotto laughingly says he’ll have to have an armed guard when he next goes to London. But it’s for other reasons: His book, “The Royalty” (Cauldwell Bissell Publishers) claims Kotto’s related to Queen Victoria. His great-grandfather was the son of a princess of the Cameroons, who was, sez Kotto , raped by Prince Edward, the playboy son of Victoria. “I only wrote what was told to me as a child in N.Y.,” Kotto told me … Meanwhile, it was celebration time at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel where John Pike, Par’s president of network TV , and Kerry McCluggage, president of Par’s TV Group, hosted a bash for the new development teams (announced last week). Among items of news from the celebration: A new “Taxi” reunion is planned. Richard Dean Anderson (“MacGyver”) , who has a development deal at Par, also will star in a (non-Par) telepic with Marg Helgenberger. Don Bellisario and McCluggage talked next season’s “Quantum Leap” in which Scott Bakula will “leap” into Elvis. Gary David Goldberg was congrated on eight Emmy nominations for “Brooklyn Bridge,””Star Trek: The Next Generation” was toasted for its seven noms and readying the January ’93 bow of the syndie’d “Deep Space Nine.” Partners Glenn Gordon Caron and Mark Ovitz talked their new Par-ABC series to star Steve Guttenberg.

ROSS PEROT and Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf are characters in the “Long Grey Line, ” which Jonathan Krane will feature-film. He’s set Colin Welland (“Chariots of Fire”) to screenplay the Simon & Schuster book by Rick Atkinson, which follows the West Point class of ’66 to the Vietnam war Universal’s seven largest stages are being used to ready production for Steven Spielberg’s hefty “Jurassic Park.” The sets are awesome … Bill Pullman, now in “A League of Their Own,” will co-star in Castle Rock’s “Damages” as Nicole Kidman’s husband. Alec Baldwin stars in the other side of the triangle. Harold Becker directs … Visiting Hollywood movie folk brought out the action to N.Y. eateries: Over 150 “werewolves” in appropriate costumes showed at Planet Hollywood for Sam Arkoff’s call for “I Was a Teenage Werewolf.” The search continues Tuesday here at Hollywood National Studios … And after the “Unforgiven” press junket in N.Y., Clint Eastwood and WB’s Joe Hyams head to Elaine’s where Richard Lewis, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin also were on hand … At the Russian Tea Room, Alan Bergman was set to make a return date Nov. 1 in their cabaret series … Here in L.A., it was Tony Curtis and Stephanie Blake at Dan Tana’s … Record producer and exec Joel Diamond and non-pro Andrea Pollman were wed July 5 and are expecting their first child in October.