‘Stalin’ opens curtain for Duvall

GOOD MORNING: Robert Duvall, who stars (magnificently) in HBO’s “Stalin,” bowing Nov. 21, says Russian filmmakers have offered him co-production deals to star in biopix of Trotsky and/or Lenin. Nyet, says Duvall, who heads to the Nov. 7 “Stalin” Moscow preem bearing a script of–“The Cowboy and the Cossack,” to show to foremost Russian actor/director Nikita Mikhalkov. By the way, Lenin is played excellently by Maximillian Schell and Trotsky by Daniel Massey in the “Stalin” HBO’er. Duvall tells me the current Russian regimes want to show their people how bad their dictatorships were–to the left or right. “We don’t make Stalin look good– and by showing the truth, they (leaders) feel it will be a deterrent to future (Russian) dictatorships.” Boris Yeltsin attends the preem with the movie’s makers. For the Stalin transformation, Duvall underwent two hours makeup each day with two makeupmen. He says it was the most complex, most difficult role he’s played–and with a Georgian accent to boot. “I caused a lot of raised eyebrows,” he laughs. The company had carte blanche in Red Square but even so, he says there was a lot of Red Tape to untangle. They had started to shoot as the U.S.S.R. was falling apart and another revolution brewing. I had been in communication with producer Mark Carliner, who had the company poised to depart (for Budapest). “He kept $ 80,000 in a side pocket in case we had to get out of there in a hurry,” admitted Duvall. In his next movie, “Wrestling Ernest Hemingway,” Duvall plays a Cuban–who likes to dance. He loves the role–“I’ve been a dancer all my life”… During the Presidential campaign, Jay Leno had feelers from all three candidates’ reps for an appearance on his “Tonight” show, but Leno says he declined. After tomorrow, it will be Leno who has to call to request (any of) them …”Honeymoon in Vegas” producer Mike Lobell read about Clinton’s conversation about the movie when winging to Vegas with a planeload of newsmen. Clinton told ’em he liked the movie–with its flying Elvises–he’s a Presley fan, you recall. They reported it. So, if you see Clinton sporting a “Flying Elvis” baseball cap when he enters the voting booth–it’s because Lobell whisked him a packet of the pic’s promo stuff … Remembering how Dan Quayle mashed the spelling of potato, Alan King says the VP was asked to spell Mississippi and Quayle cautiously asked, “The state or the river?”… The “Dave” troupe, with Kevin Kline as the President and Sigourney Weaver as the First Lady, started filming locations in D.C., where the AFI and Washington Film Society toasted the thesps and director Ivan Reitman last night at the Kennedy Center. And Nov. 9, the D.C. Women in Film salute the movie’s producer, Lauren Shuler-Donner.

JULIO IGLESIAS WANTS TO RE-RECORD– and “renew” 17 years of his platters from 1968-85. “I have to do it,” he laughed–“otherwise ‘they’ will do it when I die!” The humorous Iglesias was talking to us from Nassau, where he had recorded some of his “Calor” (Sony) album for Brazil. He’s been concerting abroad all year, makes his only 1992 U.S. stand at Caesars Palace Nov. 11-16, but promises he will do an album in English next year. “I have to do more English albums,” he said, “I’m beginning to sound Chinese.” P.S.: He plans an Asia and Australia tour in ’93 as well. Where does Iglesias call home? “Home for me is the moon”… Add travel notes, Phyllis Diller joins the fourth anni California Loves Israel tour led by publisher Phil Blazer Nov. 8. Over the weekend, Diller taped her 30 th show with Bob Hope …”For the first time I’m getting all kinds of dramatic offers–and I’m too busy to accept them,” said Shari Lewis as she winged to Vancouver to film the second year of her “Lambchop’s Playhouse” for PBS. The high-rated show will have completed 65 half-hours. It’s also a top video in Target stores. And all this 36 years after Shari originated Lambchop! They’ll both be in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade again this year–singing, at last, the end of “The Song That Doesn’t End”… Shirley Temple Black, home after her ambassadorial duties in Czechoslovakia, has started on her second book; her first was “Child Star” (McGrawHill), six months on the NYT bestseller list. This one covers her last 23 years in government and ambassadorial service–from the U.N. to overseas posts. What a credit to our country–and Hollywood.

OVER $ 1.3 MILLION WAS RAISED for the Alzheimer Assn. by Princess Yasmin Aga Khan’s “Rita Hayworth ‘Cover Girl’ Gala,” at the Tavern on the Green. Cover Girl cosmetix underwrote the event, also named for Hayworth’s Columbia classic. Celebs repping past mag covers were Shirley MacLaine (Time), Drew Barrymore (Entertainment Weekly), Keith Hernandez (Sports Illustrated), Brooke Shields (Brides), Joan Severance (Playboy), plus Christie Brinkley, Joan Rivers, model Vendela and Niki Taylor, Cover Girl’s 17-year-old “Girl of the Nineties.” Those applauding: Eunice, Sargent, Anthony and Robert Shriver, Pat Kennedy Lawford, Laura and Jonathan Tisch, Claudia and Ron Perelman, Diandra Douglas, Linda and Morton Janklow, Bobby Zarem, Blaine and Robert Trump, Cornelia and Martin Bregman, Patty and Anne Hearst, and early Cover Girl Jinx Falkenberg.

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