Schwartzes’ ‘Gilligan’ still at sea

GOOD MORNING: You win some–and you wait for some; for two years, Sherwood Schwartz and son Lloyd have been waiting for Ted Turner and Columbia to complete negotiations on “Gilligan’s Island: The Movie.” Four scripts have been written. The far-out comedy is planned as a major movie with stars such as–Martin Short as Gilligan. Meanwhile, “Gilligan’s Island: The Musical” bows in Chicago’s Organic theater Nov. 11. Sherwood and son Lloyd wrote the book, daughter Hope and her husband Laurence Juber the music, and Norman Maibaum is general manager. And back here in Hollywood, after only two weeks of negotiations, Sherwood and Lloyd sold Paramount “The Brady Bunch Movie” with David Kirkpatrick producing with ’em. The movie is set in 1972 with look-alikes for the original cast that was headed by Florence Henderson and (the late) Robert Reed … Kim Basinger suffered a stress fracture in her foot while exercising in preparation for today’s start of “The Real McCoys” in Atlanta and the movie’s now delayed a week. Russell Mulcahy directs for producers Martin and Michael Bregman … As predicted in this space, Michael Jackson will perform during half-time at the Super Bowl Game here–Jackson’s performance will be TV’d as part of the Radio City Music Hall Prods. show. Michael is doing it gratis for “Heal the World,” which will benefit a reported million-$ … The Pasadena New Year’s Day Rose Parade theme is “Entertainment On Parade” and the Tournament of Roses Assn. has named Hill & Knowlton Inc. as its agency–Dick Taylor, well-known to/liked by the showbiz community, is prez and CEO of Hill & Knowlton Entertainment Worldwide … A well-camouflaged Woody Allen was scouting Madison Square Garden for “Manhattan Murder Mystery” locations. He hopes to shoot a scene during a basketball game. In the movie, Allen plays an editor in a publishing house.

SHOWBIZ AND POLITIX: the Calif. budget crisis provided Jay Leno with mucho fun fodder and now that the state has a budget, Gov. Wilson wrote Leno: “We do count the ‘Tonight Show’ as a treasured Calif. asset, so I trust that the end of the 63-day budget stalemate won’t cause you any hardship. To paraphrase Will Rogers, I am confident that you will continue to watch your government in action and report the facts. While the issues involved in the budget debate were quite serious, you provided real comic relief. For that, I thank you and wish you continued phenomenal success.” Leno answered, “Congratulations on the new budget! I’ve come up with a great idea to save money! Why not double up on some classes in schools? For example, since the students are in the car anyway, why not combine drivers ed with sex education? Thanks for having a sense of humor. P.S. Willie Brown jokes to come”… A spine-tingling surprise was presented to Tim Burton Sunday night at the Montreal fest. He was given his very own “tingler” onstage from a potato sack opened by Darrah Meeley. The heart-beating gadget was made by Steve Johnson’s FXF Special Effects Co., designed by Bill Corso. One of Tim’s favorite pix is Vincent Price’s “The Tingler.” Burton’s short, stop-animated film, “Vincent,” is about a boy who wants to grow up to be Vincent Price–and narrated by Price. Meeley also arranged for the audience to arrive in the theater–to the sounds of rain and thunder … The deal for the Columbia Bar & Grill to buy Trump’s eatery is off after three months of negotiations … Lunching at the Columbia B&G, former Acad prez Karl Malden and producer Mace Neufeld. And at a nearby table, Neufeld’s partner Bob Rehme, current Acad prez, was lunching with Pierre Cossette. Malden was talking a “Modernaires” script written by his daughter Carla Malden and her husband Larry Starkman. Karl noted, “I enjoyed every minute (being Acad prez). I gave it everything I could.” He certainly did.

WHAT AN UNVEILING for “2000 Malibu Road’s” Tuesday Knight on the bigscreen. In “Calendar Girl,” Knight (25) tells me she plays a full nude scene as Marilyn Monroe, walking on the beach after coming out of the ocean with a Bobby Kennedy look-alike. “I’m afraid to go and see it myself,” she laughed nervously. And in “Who Killed Baby Jesus,” Knight also reveals a “very wild, sexy scene–nude from the waist up, in bed with Billy Wirth. “But it’s very tastefully done,” she assures us. “When I told my mother I thought she’d get a rifle!” Her mom’s Andrea Petty, who once worked with Monroe, Jane Russell and Mamie Van Doren. P.S. Tuesday didn’t tell her father, Grammy winner Baker Knight, about doing “those” scenes. But says boyfriend/thesp Rick Kelly “is very supportive.” He has a recurring role in “Malibu Road”… Young thesp Dalton James (21) is playing Robert Urich’s 16-year-old rebellious son in ABC’s “Crossroads” series shooting in Utah. James says, “I don’t mind playing a kid. I’m kind of a kid myself–with remote-controlled boats, planes. Everyone says they miss being in high school. It’s great being able to do it again.” James tells me Urich “is like another father to me. He’s taught me a lot, taken me under his wing. I’ve learned so much just hanging out with him.” P.S. in the first seg, he and Urich fall in love with the same woman … Jackie Cooper, “Major Dad’s” Shana Reed and Marisa Ryan will be registering voters at the Valley Clinton-Gore HQ opening party Saturday.