Peacock party for Hope

GOOD MORNING: Bob Hope’s 90th birthday, May 29, 1993, will be the occasion for a two-hour special, the third of his four spex for NBC next season. (He usually does seven or eight.) The first show’s in October, the second, his Christmas show, from San Antonio–near four Air Force bases. Daughter Linda produces the shows. Hope will be seen live Monday ayem at his movie alma mater, Paramount, where he dedicates the studio’s new N.Y. Street–and the lot’s 80th birthday. Par alumna Dorothy Lamour, who joins Hope (and Brandon Tartikoff) at the podium, says she’s “75 and holding.” Dotty busies herself these days toiling for American Movie Classics and live stands with her one-woman show. … And while we’re revealing everyone’s age: Carroll O’Connor celebrates his 68th birthday tomorrow, winding up the 13th seg of his sixth season of “In the Heat of the Night”–now airing on CBS. O’Connor reflects, “I’m the luckiest actor in the world. I’ve had very little tough times–40 years-plus as a professional actor. There were some lean times in N.Y., but when (Nancy and he) weren’t acting, we’d be teaching. And since 1960, Hollywood has been wonderful to me from my first picture, ‘Fever in the Blood’ at WB. I’ve always done well and been well-paid. And nobody was ever against me. And TV made me the most popular star in the country–as Archie Bunker in ‘All in the Family’ ” (of which he still owns a percentage). When (if) “Heat of the Night” reaches its finale, O’Connor admits he will then call it quits to acting “and sit on the veranda.” And he’s got one at his house in Malibu. … O’Connor was joined this week in “Heat” on the Covington, Ga., location by Robert Goulet, who plays an over-the-hill country-western singer. One of the tunes he warbles is “About a Mile,” lyricked by O’Connor to a Robert Schumann melody. Last season, you recall, Carroll had another pal play against type–Bobby Short was a down-and-out jazz pianist in a seedy saloon.

MARTHA RAYE’S ATTORNEY Richard Ferko today files a $ 5 million complaint on her behalf in L.A. Superior Court vs. Bette Midler, the All Girl Production Co., 20th Century-Fox, Mark Rydell (director of “For the Boys”) and Bonnie Bruckheimer. Raye claims breach of contract, breach of faith and misrepresentation, and also seeks “punitive compensation.” It’s about “For the Boys,” etc. Whoopi Goldberg, an irreverent cop in “The Player,” joins the cops again next week in “National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon I” for New Line, starring Emilio Estevez, Samuel L. Jackson, Jon Lovitz, Kathy Ireland, Tim Curry and William Shatner. … Loretta Swit segues from her current CBS telepic, “Friends to the End” with Patty Duke in Vancouver, to Cocoa Beach, Fla., for Swit’s “second career”–as spokeswoman for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. She’ll be there during “turtle watch” to protect ’em as they lay their eggs. In March, Swit heads north to Newfoundland and the baby seal watch. She’s host-narrator for the Discovery Channel’s “Those Incredible Animals,” which starts airing in October. … Mike Farrell takes a break from his environmental efforts as he and producing partner Marvin Minoff ready the bigscreen version of “In Silence,” Ruth Sidranksy’s book about a girl born to deaf parents. They’ve signed Brian Bird and John Wierick (“Bopha!”) to script the story set in the ’30s in N.Y. The (young) deaf father’s role is a tour de force and the story “lights up your heart,” promises Farrell. … Michele Wernick, daughter of Barbara and Sandy Wernick, weds Jono Kohan, son of Rhea and Buz Kohan, tomorrow at the Marriott in Century City. Sandy W. has been Buz’s rep for 25 years. One of the families’ friends and celeb invitees who can’t make the wedding is Michael Jackson–who is on tour. However, he made a very special videotape for the couple. Jackson recorded “Gone Too Soon” in his “Dangerous” album–it was written by Buz Kohan and Larry Grossman. Michael recorded the song for (the late) Ryan White and he will also video it.

THE “STAND AND BE PROUD” VIDEO launching the Rebuild L.A. program will be played at Dodger Stadium during the home-stand week of Aug. 14. Praiser Larry Winokur and record producer Bob Ezrin conceived and produced the video of the tune by Sue Shifrin and David Cassidy. … Maybe this, too, will help the Dodgers: Elayne Boosler sings the national anthem before the Mets-Dodgers game Aug. 20. … Cast members of “Beverly Hills, 90210” were on hand at the Village preem of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” which stars Luke Perry, who was there as well as co-stars Kristy Swanson (with Jonathan Kahn), Rutger Hauer and Mark De Carlo. Plus Christian Slater–the audience howled during the film when Buffy (Swanson) gasped, “All I want to do is graduate high school, go to Europe and marry Christian Slater and die!” … Composer-conductor David Raksin celebrates his 80th birthday Tuesday–tonight, the Hollywood Bowl plays “Laura” in his honor. Tomorrow, the Society for Preservation of Music dinners him, and Joan and Bill Kraft party him on his birthday. … Jayne Meadows and Steve Allen celebrate their 38th wedding anni tonight in San Diego, where he appears for the American Cancer Society. … Phyllis Diller in “The Wizard of Oz” broke the 74-year record at the St. Louis Muni. … Jon Voight signed with CAA.