Olympics to cross finish line in style

GOOD MORNING: The Aug. 9 closing ceremonies for the Barcelona Olympics will be even “wilder” than last Saturday’s opening, promises Marc Brickman, responsible for the lighting and design. He held rehearsals for the closer on Monday night, sez it will be “extravagant with fire” and follows with a rock ‘n’ roll party for the Olympians on the stadium floor. It’s also hoped that Stephen Hawking (“A Brief History of Time”) will be part of the finale–talking to the throng through his computer. … Brickman and his international team work for Spain’s Ovideo Bassag and Sport company for the Olympics. “And I didn’t want it (opening and closing) to have the look of a sporting event,” he admits. He worked on the show(s) for 14 months. And sez, “The biggest thrill I had was seeing Fidel Castro sitting there in the audience watching a show I was identified with.” On Sept. 4, Brickman returns to this site for the Paralympics (Special Olympics) and he declares, “These are truly the most amazing people.” … Between opening and closing shows, Brickman’s in London readying Sunday’s Genesis satellite show to all of Europe before a live audience at Knebworth of at least 100,000! He also met with Paul McCartney, with whom he’s toured, talking next year’s outing. In August, Paula Abdul shoots her longform video with Brickman in the U.S. They teamed for ditto shows in Japan and China–but were seen only in those two countries We asked David Wolper, responsible for the terrif 1984 Olympic openings-closings in L.A., his opinion of this year’s Barcelona blowout. He sez he liked it. “It was very good–better than Seoul.” He also complimented the NBCoverage. … Wolper’s involved in another sporting event next Wednesday-Thursday–in Napa where his celeb golf tourney benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley. TBS airs it Aug. 29. Players include Clint Eastwood, Joe DiMaggio, Frankie Avalon, Elgin Baylor, Buddy Hackett, Dick Crenna, Hank Mancini, Dinah Shore and Wolper’s Olympics partner, Peter Ueberroth.

REMEMBER THE TORRID SCENE between Sharon Stone and Leilani Sarelle (Roxy) in “Basic Instinct”? Well, Leilani (now Mrs. Miguel Ferrer) was visiting her husband on Viacom’s “Scam” location in Jamaica where he plays a con artist with Chris Walken and Lorraine Bracco. And Leilani was recruited for a bar scene–to make a play for–Bracco. … Bob Evans is back from N.Y. location-hunting “Sliver” plus meets with Simon & Schuster, to whom he delivered the first half of his autobio, “The Kid Stays in the Picture.” The rest is due Labor Day. What about movie rights? “It’ll never make a movie,” laughs Evans. “It reads like a B-movie!” … A celebration of America’s inventive ingenuity will be the theme of “Made in the U.S.A.” The proposed special from Smith/Hemion Prods. and produced by Stu Crowner will use sitcom casts in comedy sketches depicting American inventions–like the telephone, electric light bulb, etc., proving we’re not intimidated by today’s market prominence of Japan and Germany. … The deal’s set for Larry Gelbart to script Ray Stark’s remake of “Nothing Sacred” at Columbia. … John Carpenter’s developing (among other projects) a remake of “The Creature From the Black Lagoon” at Universal. … Jack Haley Jr. is plowing through 6,000 hours of Phil Donahue shows to produce Phil’s 25th-anni show for NBC. Marlo also is filming interviews with her husband at home and with pals. … Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld’s wacky neighbor Kramer on “Seinfeld,” plays a wacky (natch) obit writer in “So I Married an Axe Murderer” starring Mike Myers for TriStar. … Ray Wise, who reprises his Leland role from the TV “Twin Peaks” in the feature, segues from “Rising Sun” to play a Union officer in “Grey Knight.” The busy Wise is also seen with Tim Robbins in “Bob Roberts.”

ANJELICA HUSTON AND ROBERT GRAHAM chair the gala benefit committee for the L.A. Music Center Opera’s opening Sept. 10–so it was fitting the kick-off bash was held Tuesday night at the Bel Air hotel–the site where Huston and Graham were married. The event was Saks Fifth Ave. BevHills’ “Opera Collection”–90 creations by 32 of the world’s top designers and introduced by the store’s manager, Ed Bodde, who said, “If you can’t find something (here) for opening night, shame on you!” (Ladies, please note: Skirt lengths varied from short to mid-calf to long; beaded, fringed, lace). Paul Hemmings, general director of the L.A. Music Center Opera, kidded, “I’m here searching for something gypsy-like for the third scene of ‘La Traviata.’ ” (It’s the season’s opening opera.) “Tosca” will co-star Placido Domingo and Maria Ewing and a new “Magic Flute” will be staged by Peter Hall, Hemmings announced. He also reported the opera season is 17% ahead of last year at this time and there are 2,000 new subscribers. … Davis Gaines becomes L.A.’s longest-running “Phantom of the Opera” Aug. 6 with his 515th performance. He’ll be partied Aug. 10 at WB’s N.Y. Street. … Add Hollywood style: Fred Hayman test-markets two new fragrances at his Rodeo Drive shoppe in September. The winning perfume goes out as “Fred Hayman’s Touch”–which has been magical. … Ned Eisenberg, Uncle Louie in “Lost in Yonkers” at the Doolittle, will be away from the show Aug. 9-20 to co-star in ABC’s “Lovers of Deceit: The Carolyn Warmus Story.”