H’w’d welcomes remakes galore

GOOD MORNING: “Nothing Sacred,” David O. Selznick’s 1937 romantic comedy starring Carole Lombard and Fredric March, is being plotted as a remake by Ray Stark, who’s talking to Larry Gelbart to script. And mebbe Michele Pfeiffer to star? Larry teleplayed “Barbarians at the Gate” for Stark and HBO. Gelbart’s also been pitched to rescript “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,” the 1936 Gary Cooper starrer aimed at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why not another remake– look what’s upcoming in the re-do file: “Night in the City,””The Trial,””Wild Strawberries, “”Last of the Mohicans,””Huckleberry Finn,””Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” etc. And now “F Troop,” the l965 TV series starring Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch and Ken Berry, will be feature-filmed by director-screenwriter Bob Logan, with hopefully Leslie Nielsen and Martin Short in the Tucker and Storch roles. “F Troop” is on Nick at Night at 8 p.m. and Saturdays, 11 ayem. … And “Adam-12” ( 1968-75) co-star Martin Milner’s back in Hollywood as a semi-regular in ABC’s “Life Goes On.” … Betty Boop, the Max Fleischer character created in the ’30s who starred in hundreds of cartoons (including one that launched “Popeye”), will be the spokeswoman for Kirk Kerkorian’s billion-$ MGM hotel and theme park in Las Vegas in a deal made with King Features, which licenses the Boop character. Director Dick Fleischer is president of Fleischer Studios in L.A. and N.Y., which were launched by his father, Max, in Florida, where they at one time had 750 employees Boop’ing. … Sunday is the 100th anni of the birth of Jack Warner and his step-grandson, Gregory Orr (son of Joy and Bill Orr), is shooting a docu about J.L. and wife Ann. Young Orr sez he’s got cooperation from WB and has priceless footage — including some of Jack’s appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Orr was also able to film in the Warner mansion (art pieces, et al.) before it was sold to David Geffen, who is totally remodeling it. Bill Orr will appear on camera, as will Jean Howard and Neal Gabler (“An Empire of their Own”)–all Warner aficionados. Young Orr hopes to get it all in a one-hour show.

IT WAS LIKE STUBBING YOUR TOE,” Paul Newman downplays Sunday’s racing accident at Limerock, Conn., when his car hit a tire wall. … Raymond Burr sounded great as I spoke to him at his Northern California ranch. He’d completed his 24th “Perry Mason”– one airs in November, another in January. “And they’re talking another” for NBC, he added. Further, he starts an “Ironside” for U-NBC next month to also film in Denver. “It (Denver) favors us very well,” Burr noted. “It doubles for San Francisco, N.Y., the South, Northeast. And they have a fund of wonderful actors there as well.” … Sheena Easton segued from the stage and “Man of La Mancha” to the “Indecent Proposal” cameras at Paramount, where she sang the Hoagy Carmichael-Ned Washington evergreen “The Nearness of You.” It will also be in the MCA Records soundtrack album from the movie starring Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson, directed by Adrian Lyne. Patrice Rushen produced “Nearness” for Easton, backed only by piano, bass and drum. … And talking about singing, Andrea Robinson, the voice behind novice Sister Mary Robert (played beautifully by Wendy Makkena) in “Sister Act,” feels “it’s an antiquated system” the minor way singers-for-actors are credited on screen. “What’s so terrible about admitting an actor can’t sing?” she asks. “The public’s aware of behind-the-scene movie-making. Everyone knows Sean Connery isn’t hanging from a helicopter over Mt. Everest.” She feels they (singers) should get credit above the “technical” listings. P.S.: Robinson (30), who’s sung on commercials for every make of car, Budweiser, Dubonnet, etc., is more than pretty enough to be seen as well as heard. … Note for Dan Quayle: Diane English, creator of “Murphy Brown,” will be a recipient of the ACLU of So.Cal.’s Torch of Liberty Award, Aug. 31 at the BevWilshire. Her award, for commitment to the Bill of Rights, will be presented by Jackson Browne. Mayor Bradley will receive his torch from Billy Crystal and Ed Bennett, president of VH-l, gets his award from Ed Asner.

ANOTHER MILLION-$ WAS RAISED for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital at last Saturday’s 30th anni–a tribute to Danny Thomas, who founded the hospital. Rose Marie T. got a standing ovation at the Century Plaza, where Marlo, Terre and Tony Thomas and Phil Donahue hosted. Bill Cosby brought down the house with his show. Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, George Burns, Jan Murray, Audrey Meadows, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Joe Lawrence, Richard Mulligan, Dinah Manoff, Jim Coburn, Faye Dunaway, Mayim Bialik and David Rasche were among the celebs. A scribe asked Bill Cosby how he felt about Ross Perot quitting. Said Cosby, “I was more upset when Martin & Lewis broke up” Denise and John James welcomed son Phillip yesterday “Circus of the Stars” co-exec producer Bunny Stivers baby-showered granddaughter Rachael Hendel and her parents, Lucy and Larry H., Sunday. The ooh-and-ah’ing showbiz crowd included “Circus” co-exec producer Jack Wishard and wife Pam. “Circus” will be the first show to tape (this year, its 17th) in the new stage at CBS.