Clinton biopic prepped for convention

GOOD MORNING: As N.Y. warms up for Monday’s start of the Democonvention, which will nominate Bill Clinton, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason is working around the clock here in blistering L.A., writing and producing the biographical film on candidate Clinton. It will be screened at Madison Square Garden when he’s intro’d as the nominee. Harry Thomason has been in N.Y. three weeks working on the convention as one of the producers. Meanwhile, their series, “Designing Women,” (with new addition Judith Ivey), “Hearts Afire” (with John Ritter and Markie Post) and “Evening Shade,” aren’t skedded to start up until next month–post-convention. … In N.Y., Gary Smith, producing the actual convention–as he did in Atlanta four years ago–told me, “This convention has a little bit more electricity. There’s a more optimistic feeling at this one.” Ironically, Smith segues from the Demos to the White House for Barbara and George Bush’s “Literacy Honors,” Nov. 22 (to be televised later on ABC). And Smith also heads to the Netherlands for the annual UNICEF special, hosted by Audrey Hepburn and Roger Moore. … On hand in Dallas Tuesday for Ross Perot’s National Advisory Committee meeting were showbiz reps David Brown, Pat Kingsley and Martin Jurow. The Perot platform will be outlined later this month, they report. The day of meetings was highlighted by a Tex-Mex lunch–free. No funds were asked for–or given. Brown reminded, “You can’t give Perot more than $5.” It’s not the first meeting between the producer and Perot–he and then-partner Dick Zanuck wanted to produce the movie version of the Perot bio “On Wings of Eagles,” but they lost out to the already-set TV version, starring Richard Crenna as Perot On the current movie front, Brown and his “Player” co-producer Nick Wechsler optioned Neil Barrett’s comedy-thriller “Pink Vodka Blues” (St. Martin’s Press) Next month, Dove Audio ships its one-hour cassettes on “The Candidates”–the orders for Perot are double those for Clinton and four times those for Bush, reports Michael Viner. He wings in from Toronto where wife Deborah Raffin is starring onstage in “Beau Geste” for nine weeks. … Here at Morton’s, Alan and Marilyn Bergman dined Senate candidate Barbara Boxer.

TRISTAR WANTS TO PUT “Hong Kong” on a fast track and Universal has put its “Trespass” (formerly “Looters”) on a slow track–so, director Walter Hill says he’s “very sorry” but he had to bow out of reining Richard Gere and Denzel Washington in “H.K.” He tells me he’s surprised U has now delayed “Trespass” until Dec. 18. You recall it was originally set for this month, but with the title “Looters” and what had happened in L.A., it was decided to push it back, says Hill, who believes it was wise to wait a bit. “But I hope the movie is judged on its merits rather than the controversies.” He admits he could have readied it for this month but now, won’t dub until September. And he wants to stay with it until release. Co-stars Ice-T and Ice Cube will do end-title tunes and are now writing (and will record for WB’s Sire label). Hill hasn’t heard the tunes yet but doesn’t expect anything controversial (a la Ice-T’s “Cop Killer”). He says both rappers were very “professional and a real pleasure to work with–and have a terrific sense of humor.” Two endings were shot, says Hill–before the riots–and they’re using parts of both! “It’s not a happy or sad ending,” he reports, “more thematic, about the premise: greed.” By the way, the “looters” in the movie are the white thesps, Bill Saxton and Bill Sadler. And the looting does not take place in L.A.–but in East St. Louis. … The L.A. Times is planning a South-Central L.A. edition with an editorial office therein as well.

A 1931 CHAUFFEUR-DRIVEN Model A Ford filled with 50 dozen roses arrived at the William Morris office yesterday–the flowers, a gift from Bill Cosby to his agent Norman Brokaw, celebrating the start of his 50th year at the agency. After posies were placed in WM offices, the remaining roses were sent to Cedars-Sinai, where Brokaw’s a longtime member of the board of directors. … Andrea and John Burnham welcomed daughter Phoebe at C-S June 29. … Karen and Gray Frederickson welcomed son Tyler Gray F., June 23 at C-S. … Thesp-thrush Maura Dhu, daughter of Wallace and (the late) Jack Albertson, and thesp Wes Studi will wed Sunday in BevHills. … Sen. Ted Kennedy was suited by Rick Pallack in double-breasted navy pin-stripe for his wedding to Victoria Anne Reggie July 3. … “Fight Back’s” David Horowitz fractured his right wrist and hand falling from a ladder during an earthquake aftershock at his Idyllwild home, 40 miles from the quake’s epicenter. David was trying to cut down a tree branch hanging dangerously near a power line. He’ll be in a cast eight weeks. … Meredith Baxter, who last week wound NBC’s “Darkness Before Dawn”–which she also produced with Judy Polone and Diana Kerew–today starts CBS’ “A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story–Part II.” “I’m so tired I burst into spontaneous tears,” admits Baxter, who is dying her hair (every six days) platinum for the role and is also taking on makeup and wardrobe to look like the now-hefty Broderick, serving 32 years to life for second-degree murder. Joining the cast is co-star Judith Ivey as prosecutor Cary Wells.