Barrymore takes ‘Control’ of Fisher role

GOOD MORNING: They’re both at the starting gate and the ABC telepic about Amy Fisher (“the Long Island Lolita”), Mary Jo and Joey Buttafuoco looks like it will take an early lead over the CBS/TriStar version. Drew Barrymore’s signed to play Amy Fisher in ABC’s version, titled “Beyond Control.” The script’s by Janet Brownell and Andy Tennant will direct for producer Andy Adelson. “We start Nov. 23 in Vancouver,” Barrymore told me. “And Amy Fisher’s sentencing date is Dec. 1 . We’ll add that scene at the end of the movie.” Meanwhile, the CBS/TriStar version, based on exclusive material from Joey Buttafuoco by writer John Herzfeld, starts in three to four weeks, he also tells me … Drew hoped to meet Amy, “But we’re having a difficult time. ABC sends me all the tapes on her–everything. I’d like to meet her–to play her moment of truth.” Amy was 17 when she shot Mary Jo last year. Barrymore is 18. She’s engaged to marry thesp Jamie Walters (“The Heights”) … That salty dialogue in “Glengarry Glen Ross” is being cleaned up and read by substitute thesps for viewing on airlines. Impressionist/actor Joe Alaskey is doing 62 laundered lines as Jack Lemmon. Charlie Brill does Al Pacino, Phil Proctor is Kevin Spacey … Lemmon taped a seg with Whoopi Goldberg yesterday–so good, they extended it into two shows. Whoopi winds her talker next week for the season … For the first time, Universal’s screening a movie for Acad members (for Oscar consideration, natch) before its commercial release. The pic: “Scent of a Woman” to be shown members Nov. 21 at the Avco Westwood. And it’s already completely booked. “Scent” stars Al Pacino as a blind and cranky ex-Army officer. Chris O’Donnell co-stars in the Martin Brest directed/produced pic. The movie bows Dec. 23 in limited release, pre-general openings Jan. 8.

“THIS IS FRANCIS COPPOLA, the drama counselor,” he announced before his “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” unspooled at Mann’s Chinese preem, Tuesday p.m. Coppola reminded the audience that he used to read the classic to his charges in his youth (at 17). “Just have a good time, and laugh if you feel like it,” he told the industry audience on hand for the AFI Associates’ fund raiser. AFI prez Jean Firstenberg announced they’d raised $ 200,000. Coppola also told the movie community on hand that Bram Stoker created two innovations–which he, Coppola incorporated in his movie; “real historical figures and letters to further the story.” It was exactly a year ago on Stage 21 at the Sony Studios when we visited Coppola and the “Dracula” company and watched Sadie Frost rise from her crypt and vomit blood on the cross-bearing Anthony Hopkins, who would later stake her heart and remove her head. It’s all in the movie, as Coppola promised at the time. “It’s also a love story–made in the scope of old MGM or Alexander Korda movies,” he further promised … The preemgoers were bussed to and from parking at the Hollywood Bowl to the theater, then back to the American Legion site of “Tamara” where Along Came Mary prepared a menu “you can’t wait to sink your teeth into.” Fangs a lot. In addition to the Coppola family, on hand were co-stars Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Frost, Cary Elwes and Richard E. Grant. Among those most interested in watching the movie was Wilshire Court Prods. prez John J. McMahon. He had originally bought the Jim V. Hart script for $ 75,000 to make for USA Cable–in Yugoslavia for $ 3.5 million. “I let him (Hart) have it in turnaround to Columbia.” They paid the $ 75,000 plus Wilshire Court’s expenses for the Yugoslavian location hunt–and interest. (Coppola shot his entire $ 40 million movie on the Sony stages, by the way.) Wilshire Court did not retain any points. “No one ever sees any point$ ,” McMahon laughed. Meanwhile, his company’s made 43 movies for TV in four years, and four more will start early next year.

ADD PREEM’INGS: tonight HBOws its “Stalin” with the DGA doubling for Red Square, complete with St. Basil’s–or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Robert Duvall (Stalin) and Maximilian Schell (Lenin) will be there along with the movie’s makers, Mark Carliner, Ivan Passer, Paul Monash and Vilmos Zsigmond … Meanwhile, princes Rainier, Albert and Princess Caroline attend the Princess Grace Foundation-USA ceremonies at Lincoln Center, awarding 1992 grant recipients. It’s also the late Princess Grace’s birthday. Beverly Sills femcees with presenters including Kitty Carlisle Hart, Tony Randall, Paul Sorvino, Maria Talichief and Barbara Grant. Joe Cates stages … A memorial for Bullets Durgom will be held Dec. 1 at the N.Y. Friars Club 6 p.m. … On hand for the opening of HollyPark yesterday were Don Adams, Jack Klugman and Jackie Cooper, who know their way around the track. They joined H.D. Hubbard for the season starter … Marilyn Bergman was birthday’d at L’Orangerie by husband Alan plus Barbra Streisand, Anthea Sylbert and Richard Romanus, Diana Meehan and Gary David Goldberg. Guess who sang “Happy Birthday?”… From the sublime to: El Cholo celebrated its 65th anni by rolling back prices to 1927–dinner at 65 cents. Would you believe one party of four left without paying their tab–a big fat $ 18 … Jill and David Gilmour’s one-of-a-kind Wakaya Club gets champagne kisses from you know who this Saturday on his “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”