Rysher Entertainment will make its initial foray into firstrun strip programming with “Wavelength,” a daily half-hour “traveling talk/variety series” earmarked to debut in fall 1993 and targeted for the 12-34 demo.

“Wavelength” is being sold on a cash-plus-barter basis Monday through Friday, with stations getting six minutes of time each day and Rysher retaining one 30 -second spot.

A sixth episode airing weekends will be all barter: Four minutes will go to stations and 2 1/2 to Rysher.

“The way we’ve structured our deal, we don’t need to have the show in necessarily 80% of the country in order to launch it as a strip,” said Rysher topper Keith Samples.

“Wavelength” will use the traditional single-host talk format but will employ the faster pacing of a magazine-type show.

In addition, the “Wavelength” bus will location in a different city each week.

Samples considers the show a 4-7 p.m. vehicle that stations can run between sitcoms or animated fare, as well as a companion piece for Rysher’s off-network sitcom, “Saved By the Bell.”

Two pilot episodes have been completed on “Wavelength,” which will be hosted and produced by Jennifer Smith, who also created the series. Smith was the host of “Youthquake,” a nationally syndicated series a few years back.

“Wavelength” will feature an in-studio talk segment, interviews with celebs and a five-minute intro previewing each day’s topic that incorporates opinions from the man-in-the-street.