A Filipino broadcaster yesterday challenged U.S. deejay Howard Stern to a duel “any place in the world” over alleged anti-Filipino remarks Stern made in September.

The challenge was made over radio station DZXL by announcer Rene Santa Cruz.

His employer, Radio Mindanao Network, agreed to pay his expenses to the venue.

Earlier this month, the Filipino-American Citizens group filed a $ 65 million suit in New York accusing Stern of insulting “the entire Filipino race” with his alleged disparaging remarks about Filipinos.

“I think they eat their young over there,” Stern allegedly said, according to court documents. “The Philippines is a country where fathers sell their daughters for sex.”

“You can choose the place, Mr. Stern,” Santa Cruz said. “You can choose the type of fight you want.”

Later, Santa Cruz said he also was challenging late night talkshow host Arsenio Hall, claiming he had also made racist remarks.

Santa Cruz alleged that Hall said the southern city of Zamboanga was where “monkeys have no tails.”

The reference was to a U.S. colonial-era description of the ability of Filipinos to shinny up coconut trees. Santa Cruz did not say when Hall allegedly made the remark.

“I am also challenging both of you, Mr. Stern and Mr. Hall, to a duel,” he said in a nationwide radio broadcast. “I will tie both of you into knots. That’s how I love my fellow Filipinos.”