Reviewed July 20, 1992.

Lisa Stansfield delivered both style and substance during her performance Monday at the Pantages, with a nonstop set of R&B-meets-dance tunes wrapped in sensuality.

Although Stansfield shines best during the ballads, where her trained soulful voice can play out every emotion, her techno-pop dance numbers excite her followers most.

Stansfield at times came across more like a British Madonna–far less tawdry and sans the superfluous choreography–than like the song stylist that she is.

Following the artist’s command early in the set to dance, fans charged the pit seats like Frenchmen storming the Bastille.

Overly enthusiastic fans filled the aisles, the venue quaking with movement, the likes of which probably has not been seen since the Guns N’ Roses surprise show there last year.

Set focused on her current Arista release, “Real Love,” with short dips into her debut disc, “Affection.” Not surprisingly, two of the evening’s several high points came during “All Around the World” and “Change”–the first singles from her debut and current discs, respectively.

Lisa Stansfield

(Pantages Theater; 2,700 seats; $ 25 top)

  • Production: Promoted by Nederlander.
  • Crew: Set, Aileen Mclaughlin, Anna Ross.
  • Cast: Band: Ian Devany, Andy Morris, Dave Collard, Andy Gangadeen, Snowboy, Snake Davis, Steve Gibson, Winston Blis
  • Music By: