Warner Bros.’ “Under Siege” remained securely atop the national box office heap over the weekend in another good overall fall frame apparently not seriously affected by the World Series, which ended Saturday night.

Among the new entries, Universal’s horror pic “Dr. Giggles” didn’t find much to laugh about and WB’s C&W musical comedy/drama “Pure Country” strummed a middling tune in regionals. Fox’s crime drama “Night and the City” looked punchy as it went wide after bowing a week earlier in one Gotham ring.

In limited breaks, Triumph’s interracial romance “Zebrahead” had a mild start and RKO’s sperm-bank comedy “Frozen Assets” proved sterile. Miramax’s robbery yarn “Reservoir Dogs” did OK in 19 runs.

“Under Siege” will shortly become Steven Seagal’s top-grossing pic, since it has scored an estimated $ 42.7 million already (in only 17 days) and is closing in fast on his 1990 Fox pic “Marked for Death,” which grossed $ 44 million.

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The new Seagal actioner shot up a hot $ 9.1 million in its third weekend, WB estimated, or about $ 4,050 per in 2,248 ships. WB estimates it will wind up with a domestic B.O. over $ 70 million.

Fox’s western “The Last of the Mohicans” kept its clamp on second with a hearty $ 4.4 million in 1,845 forts, the distrib said. The 31-day total is projected at a muscular $ 49 million.

Duking it out for third were TriStar’s “Candyman” and Disney’s “The Mighty Ducks.”

“Candyman,” which bowed in fourth a week earlier, didn’t show the usual sharp second-weekend dropoff for a horror pic, instead declining a modest 19% to an estimated $ 4.35 million in 1,481 crypts (entering 230), TriStar said. That would run its 10-day total to $ 11.3 million. “The Mighty Ducks” was estimated by various industry sources at a slick $ 4 million to $ 4.2 million in its fourth quarter. Buena Vista’s kiddie hockey comedy was playing in 1,851 sites and pushing its 24-day total to a bit under $ 27 million.

BV’s “Consenting Adults” remained in fifth while doing about $ 3.6 million to $ 3.7 million in 1,538 bedrooms during its lackluster second clinch, sources estimated, which would give Hollywood Pictures’ psychological thriller just over $ 10 million in 10 days.

“Dr. Giggles,””Night and the City” and “Pure Country” were in a too-close-to-call battle for sixth.

“Dr. Giggles,” starring Larry Drake, collected a meek $ 2.6 million to $ 2.8 million B.O. slice while bowing in 1,680 clinics, per industry sources.

The Robert De Niro-Jessica Lange pic “Night and the City” expanded to 1,100 sites with a murky $ 2.7 million, Fox estimated.

“Pure Country,” a vehicle for C&W singer George Strait, mostly avoided the Northeast but did only so-so anyway, with WB estimating $ 2.7 million in 993 farms during its opening hayride.

“A River Runs Through It” wentfrom 24 to 130 streams with a dandy $ 12,310 per for a ninth-place third-weekend catch of about $ 1.6 million, Columbia estimated, which would run the period drama’s 17-day total to just under $ 2.7 million.

“Zebrahead” bowed in 251 locales for a moderate $ 600,000 to $ 650,000 in its opening sesh.

“Frozen Assets” evaporated with an average of only about $ 750 in 123 receptacles for a weekend estimate of $ 92,000.

“Reservoir Dogs” barked moderately with $ 130,000 estimated by Miramax in 19 kennels.