Davis-Panzer Prods. Inc. is seeking at least $ 8.3 million in compensatory damages from helmer Russell Mulcahy for allegedly repudiating an agreement to direct “Highlander III: The Magician.”

According to a complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Mulcahy agreed to direct the film via an oral agreement between Peter S. Davis of Davis-Panzer and Bill Block, Mulcahy’s agent.

The deal allegedly included payment of $ 1.2 million to be placed in escrow at least 60 days prior to commencement of principal photography.

But on Nov. 12, Mulcahy, through his lawyer and agent, allegedly denied there was an agreement by claiming that a condition — that his money be placed into escrow within 14 days — had not been met.

On Nov. 24, Mulcahy’s agent and lawyer also claimed there was no agreement because Davis-Panzer refused to comply with the director’s demand that his “non-economic benefits” must be comparable to those he got on his latest film, “The Real McCoys.” Davis-Panzer denies either condition was a part of the agreement.