Greenberg tapped for ‘Action’ f/x

Just a month after opening up West Coast operations, R/Greenberg & Associates has been tapped as special effects supervisor for “The Last Action Hero,” Columbia’s big-budget picture starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This is the first time Greenberg has had a supervisory role on a feature film , though the New York-based firm has contributed special effects on many projects. The position gives Greenberg a chance to dole out a variety of jobs to Hollywood’s effects community, while keeping the most challenging sequences for itself. “Last Action Hero,” which is reportedly budgeted at between $ 65 million and $ 70 million, according to sources close to the production, is considered to be the biggest effects-laden film for next year.

The selection for the job comes just a month after Robert Greenberg reunited with his brother Richard to form R/Greenberg Associates West. The pair split up in 1988, with Richard heading to L.A. to direct “Little Monsters.” Since then, Richard has focused on film trailers and titles, with the pair jointly working on effects for both “Predator” films. “Last Action” director John McTiernan also helmed “Predator.”

According to Robert Greenberg, the company will be increasing its presence in Hollywood in the coming months. He just leased offices at Seward and Sunset, formerly occupied by CIBY2000, and offices are being set up at Columbia for “Last Action Hero” as well.

The picture is already being touted as having special effects that go beyond Schwarzenegger’s last pic, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”–now considered the benchmark for computer-generated effects.

“Our company has been known for merging film, video and computers in unique way,” said Greenberg. “We’ll also be doing a lot of the effects digitally at film resolution.”

The only concern to date is the very short schedule that has been set. The film is slated to open June 18, which means Greenberg will be relying on a host of outside talent to handle the effects.

“I don’t think a production of this scope has been pulled together on such a short schedule,” he said.