Thirty-three countries have submitted entries for consideration as best foreign language film in the 65th Annual Academy Awards. Included this year are the first entries ever from Croatia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia and Uruguay.

Each country is invited to submit its best film of the year to the Academy and its Foreign Language Film Award Committee, chaired by Fay Kanin, with Nina Foch as vice chair and Robert M.W. Vogel as honorary chair. The committee screens all entries before voting to nominate five films.

Selection of each nation’s entry is made by a jury composed of filmmakers from that country. Only one film is accepted from each country. Entries need not have been released in the U.S. to qualify.

Oscar nominations will be announced Feb. 17; the awards will be handed out March 29.

This year’s submissions are:

“The Dark Side of the Heart” (Argentina), “Benny’s Video” (Austria), “Daens” (Belgium), “Leolo” (Canada), “The Story of Qiu Ju” (China), “A Story from Croatia” (Croatia), “Adorable Lies” (Cuba), “Sofie” (Denmark), “Those Old Love-Letters” (Estonia), “Indochine” (France), “Schtonk!” (Germany), “Sweet Emma , Dear Bobe” (Hungary), “As in Heaven” (Iceland), “Thevar Magan” (India), “Mer’s Lips” (Indonesia), “Life According to Agfa” (Israel), “The Stolen Children” (Italy), “The Oil-Hell Murder” (Japan), “The Fall of Otrar” (Kazakhstan), “The Child of Man” (Latvia), “Like Water for Chocolate” (Mexico), “The Northeners” (The Netherlands), “The Warrior’s Heart” (Norway), “All That Really Matters” (Poland), “The Day of Despair” (Portugal), “Hotel De Lux” (Romania), “Close to Eden” (Russia), “The Fencing Master” (Spain), “House of Angels” (Sweden), “Off Season” (Switzerland), “The Peach Blossom Land” (Taiwan), “Softly, Softly, Little One” (Turkey), “A Place in the World” (Uruguay).