Box office take for November hits new record

Pre-holiday U.S. film box office for November surged 13% over last year to a new all-time peak of $ 356.5 million. This beats the old November high of $ 344. 8 million set in 1989.

The comparable figure a year ago was $ 315.4 million.

The leading November pix were Columbia’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and Fox’s “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”

Tickets sold in November jumped more than 10% to 69.3 million, highest in three years, from 62.8 million a year back.

Results come from the exclusive Daily Variety B.O. reporting survey. Other top pix in November were “Passenger 57,””Under Siege,””A River Runs Through It, “”Malcolm X,””The Mighty Ducks” and “The Last of the Mohicans.”

The Variety Film Box Office Index for November peaked at 137.5, compared to 107.5 last year. The old November high was 124.5 in 1989. The Index base is 100. 0 in 1990, so November performance was 37.5% above the average month’s business in the base year.

November’s torrid pace climaxed a turnaround fall season that ended up in a tie with 1989’s $ 833.9 million seasonal peak.

Cumulative 1992 U.S. B.O. is now even with last year at $ 4.1 billion. The final six weeks of the year will determine by how much last year’s final annual B.O. tally of $ 4.8 billion can be surpassed.

As reported earlier, the year-end holidays last year generated an all-time seasonal peak B.O. of $ 742.8 million. An optimum mid-week calendar placement for Christmas and New Year’s Day certainly helped out last year.

This year, there was a sensational lead-in to the holidays: back-to-back all-time weekly U.S. box office grosses for the two weeks preceding Thanksgiving.