Image Entertainment has obtained exclusive domestic distribution rights to the Voyager Company’s Criterion Collection of films on high-end laserdiscs. Image also picked up non-exclusive worldwide rights to Voyager’s non-theatrical line of laserdiscs. Besides distributing the lines, Image will handle manufacturing and sales, with marketing functions shared by the two companies.

FoxVideo has created a sub-line called Twentieth Century Fox Studio Classics, with each title priced at $ 19.98. New titles will be released montly, and slate will include films never released on cassette or unavailable for several years. February releases are “How Green Was My Valley,””Cavalcade” and “Gentleman’s Agreement.”

The Motion Picture Association of America assisted New Jersey authorities in raids in Perth Amboy and Jersey City, where four men were arrested and 1,775 videocassettes seized. The four were charged with violating N.J.’s anti-piracy law. They are Daniel Acevedo, Washington Chaine, Benny Delcon Baez and Dexter E. DeBernard. Cassettes seized included Par’s “Patriot Games,” Buena Vista’s “Beauty and the Beast” and “Encino Man” and FoxVideo’s “Alien III” and “My Cousin Vinny.”

Academy Entertainment has acquired all domestic rights to “Romper Stomper” from August Entertainment. Film deals with neo-Nazi skinheads, and won three Australian Film Institute Awards. U.S. theatrical release is planned for early next year. Academy also acquired North American homevid rights to “Badge of Silence: Maniac Cop III” from Overseas Film Group.

The Film Advisory Board has issued the following ratings: “Mature–parental discretion” to Turner Home Entertainment’s “Charles and Diana: A Palace Divided, “”Fergie and Andrew: Behind the Palace Doors” and “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” and Triboro Entertainment’s “Mission of the Shark.” The FAB issued a “Very Mature–parental discretion” rating to Triboro’s “Trade Secrets,” Fox/Lorber’s “The Dance Goes On,” and Imperial Entertainment’s “Shadow Force.”

New Horizon’s “Bloodfist IV” has set a company record, shipping more than 50, 000 units into the vid rental market. Film stars Don “The Dragon” Wilson.

Worldvision Home Video announced it will close-caption all future homevid releases for the hearing-impaired.

Bank of America is offering the vidcassette “La Pastorela: The Shepherd’s Tale” to customers who open a non-interest bearing personal checking account by Thursday. Vid was written by Luis Valdez and features Paul Rodriguez and Linda Ronstadt. Retail distribution rights are held by Rincon.